Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ilocos and Cebu trips 5

(Continuation : Ilocos and Cebu trips 1 , Ilocos and Cebu trips 2 , Ilocos and Cebu trips 3 and Ilocos and Cebu trips 4)

The last entry and a very delayed one. I'm not even sure if my recollection will be that accurate. Perhaps, this post should not be that lengthy.

Fast forward, and I'm in Cebu already.

I arrived home and my dad was not there. I had to go out of the house as my friend called me up and he wanted to borrow something. But I was really hungry, and since there was some food in the kitchen, wahhaha I devoured the foods.... I just freshen up and then off I went to the mall where I had to meet my friends. I decided to just hike going to the highway, and around 10 minutes of walking, I saw my dad and he didn't see me. I patted his back and got his right hand and placed it on my forehead as a sign of respect. Then I told him where I was going and said that I will be late for home. Then I continued the hike, stopped by Jollibee and took a jeepney to SM. I did not know what to do so I went looking around things to buy but really nothing in particular. So I went looking for a coffee shop which has wifi and coffee bean fit the bill. I even got a nationwide membership as if I'm gonna be based the whole year in the Philippines or Cebu in particular to drink.... Anyway, I was downloading apps, chatting in yahoo messenger and browsing through my iphone, I meant facebooking. After some hours of waiting, my friends came and we had dinner and finally, watched a movie. My friends invited me some serious night out but I felt tired actually so we decided to just go home. The streets were a bit dark and there were limited jeeps. But I arrived home safe and sound. I arrived home and my brother was still awake doing some computer stuff. Since it was a bit late, I told him to sleep and continue what he's doing the next day.

Friday, and I have nothing to do. My dad had to go somewhere and he left the house early and hes coming back home on a Monday, which also falls on my departure date to Singapore. My brother had a summer school and was having on-the-job- training for his computer science course, and so he left really early. I was left at home with our pet dog and still nothing to do... So I decided to go to the mall and buy groceries and cook for my brother. I had all the time slacking :D I just played with our dog and walked britney outside for a few minutes and then got inside and unleashed her and had her do her thing which is just pose at a corner and act prima donna. I turned on the television and browsed some local channels but all seemed to be boring except the noon show which was "face to face" and watched a showbiz talk show. It was a bit boring and plus the fact that there was nobody to talked to, I decided to just leave the house and get my groceries....

At the mall, I changed some cash and felt that it was lacking so, I had to use my Philippine ATM. I went around the mall visiting some new shops and looking for something to buy but decided on buying some personal effects for my family then just decided to really go to the grocery section of the mall. I bought some vegetables, some meat, fruits, and some personal effects again. After the grocery, they felt heavy actually and since it's gonna be inconvenient to go by jeep so I hired a cab. Cab fare was expensive compared from the last time which was just a few months ago - still thankful though that cab drivers were honest compared to Manila's.

Arrived home just in time and cooked for dinner. Yeah, I forgot to mention that I had lunch at the mall. I prepared chicken meat with lots of veggies in a soup style. I really don't know what I was making but I thought it was delicious and yeah it turned out well. My brother came a bit late like 8PM and since I was a bit hungry already, I had my dinner prior to his arrival. I just told him that there's food already and so he can just eat ....

Saturday came and it was the reunion time. My brother will just be staying in the house and I told him I was going for my high school reunion which is an overnight affair and so he will be left at home to take care of everything.

I packed my staff and I was waiting also for MJ as she was in Manila and will be arriving in Cebu around 6AM. I received an sms from her and she said she was like preparing something. My dad who was in Davao also sent a messing asking me for money. I then had to message MJ that I was going to look for an LBC outlet at the city center so we will just have to meet somewhere there. I thought it's going to be a surprise because I did not tell anybody that I was joining the reunion. MJ sent me a message that she already arrived and they're gonna be picking me up and so there, everyone in the cab knew already and they were waiting just outside of LBC. Anyway, it was a bit awkward and so I muttered some few "his" and "hellos". I was seated next to MJ in the cab and it was bit crowded but then it was an early morning trip going to the mountain resort so it did not really matter and everyone seems to be really chatty and funny so I enjoyed the ride.

We arrived at the vicinity and all of our mates were already there. It was like greeting each and everyone around and smiling and hugging for some of our closest friends in high school. It was for me a great chance to experience and relieve an enriching student life so I decided to be more open and all that jazz.... Well, we set the table for the food we prepared and then it was time to distribute the shirts and wore them. We then had a group picture taking and a bit of program started with our two mentors who graced the affair shared some of their well-wishers / messages. We had some simple games and after that, we had a huge belly feast. Then we had some simple talks while sharing our food. Some of our friends had to go early so they bade good-bye-and-see-you-next-time, and I should have said parting words (lol). Well, after some few semi group talks and jumping from one mini group to the other, and talking some photos randomly, we decided to roam around the whole resort with all the scorching heat and then played soccer. Yes, soccer minus the rigorous rules. I realized I liked playing the game.

Some of us wanted to try the pool so we gathered to the pool area, ready with our swimming outfits. It was fun swimming and talking. They have two jacuzzi(s) yet we decided to crowd to this one bigger jacuzzi and had a chit-chat. You know, adult and personal stuff with some revelations and bare it all truths. It was fun recalling and throwing generic questions and then answering them to who ever wants to.

It was one of the most beautiful talks I've had in my life with friends and classmates. I guess people have matured and became self assured and having some insecurities yet able to live and deal with it in each of our personal terms.

We then decided to have dinner, then a camp fire. After the camp fire we had a karaoke session. Peter who now works as an accountant at Asian Development Bank made the whole night crazy with his comical attacks on all the songs and dances he made. Were left with stomach having some cramps and mouth a bit aching of the boisterous laughs we made.

Since we had beer and vodka I think, I really felt tipsy yet enjoyed the whole night. Some of us were a bit tired already and so we slept in our tents. I thought it was a bad idea to get a tent but then it turned out that the tents were really comfortable.

The next morning, was crazy and noisy as my friends were talking loudly just outside my tent or I should say a few feet from my tent and as usual, they were laughing their hearts out. I've got no choice but to join them :D I only had like 6 hours of sleep but I was enjoying the whole reunion thing. There was this horse actually and my crazy friends gave a plate of melted ice cream or was it cup to the horse lols.....

We then decided to have a hike and go to the highest point of the mountain resort. There was chapel there and some observation deck and also some picnic tables. Well, cam whoring was an agenda of that flight.

We proceeded to this side of the resort where they have some exercise machines and we tried them just for fun. And some still continued to talk stuff. It was already 7 or 8 and everyone got hungry so we decided to eat together from the left-overs. Nobody cared if the foods were spoiled but then it was like we were hungry monsters, got it ? lols.

After breakfast, we went to the pool and enjoyed the water. Then we went out of the water at around 10 and set to clean up the mess we made. Plus, we had to leave actually earlier because we will be charged I think if we overstayed. We got things settled and we left the resort though Jerus' cab. Thanks to his husband for being so kind and really accommodating as well.

I arrived home around 11AM and had to prepare for the next stop which was to meet Jun my real estate broker for the property which I was planning to buy. I met him at Jollibee with MJ and we went to Cordova to check the place. It was nice but seems had this small unplaced worries for which I am not exactly sure about. We then viewed some other development sites. Mamul sent me an sms inviting me at Imperial Palace - resort catering to mostly Korean tourists and other - so MJ and I decided to go. We met Mamul's family and since we did not have some swimming attire with us, we decided to buy one at the nearest mall. We also bought some food :D The weather was hot and dry perfect for the fun swim. It was such a nice day for me. Yeah I'm a bit selfish to have enjoyed some of those luxuries but it was for free so I guess I'd enjoyed it than mope on unnecessary things. The resort is really nice and I felt that I will be bringing my family there. But yeah, it's actually very costly as I've checked, the room rates would be somewhere around 11K pesos or around 400SGD. Anyway, MJ and I had to try all the rides and some water stuff. We also joined the pool dancing kind of thing.

It was getting dark and MJ and I had to go to Ayala to meet some friends for dinner. We took a cab and it was really expensive. But then again, it was a really far place to the city so we did not have a choice. We arrived at Ayala just on time and we had dinner at this Filipino restaurant which caters palettes of those who miss home cooked meals.

After dinner, we had some yoghurt ice cream .....

It was blast vacation for me and just like the yoghurt, it was sweet, soft on the mouth, cold and a bit sour most of the time but it was fun. I felt I have celebrated life for real :D

-------------------The End---------------------------- :P