Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Charice Pempengco won Singapore Idol

This is a fluke!

Charice Pempengco was actually a guest of the recently concluded Singapore Idol 2009. Too bad I was not present at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. I was not able to get some tickets so I just watched it over MediaCorp, a local channel.

There is that powerful and heartwarming performance of Charice and absolutely nailed it. Please see the videos below to appreciate.

Thanks to FalseVoice for sharing the video in youtube. Lastly, hope you guys enjoyed Miss Pemnpengco's wow-er performance.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Colors of Orchard Singapore and Partying

I am liking to do some photographer's job but I am far from the pros and that's obvious I think because of my limited skill and gadgets. But I still think that I like to do some capturing of moments and thus seeing the suspended inanimate of things.

I went to Orchard yesterday after gyming at Fitness First (FF). I went to the infamous Lucky Plaza to deposit some cash to my bank account. Wow I'm so in debt lols not rich but still grateful as I am able to pay all those credit card bills. After that pay-my-debt trip, I went out and checked the streets of Orchard. My friends and I were planning to go out for a night-out so I checked some long sleeves to wear and I got this black checkered sleeve from Giordano. Not so expensive I guess and the fit was just right for me I guess. So After buying 5 colorful socks - yeah I got some of those for 20 SGD; and the long sleeves, I went out of Giordano and went to the other side of the street where the posh shops are. I then took some photos here and there even if my camera was not that good enough - click, click and few more clicks:

I thought of buying Zara shoes again but decided not to when I got inside the store. I still have that high-cut chucks Zara style which I haven't worn after that Gemalto 80's party. I decided to go home at our flat and then had dinner with Jason at this green fastfood (Subway).

After that dinner, everyone was calling and sending MMS for the night out. Well, we were planning to go get the loose at Powerhouse. It's a modern and spacious club at St. James PowerStation near HarbourFront / Vivo City. Everyone was like excited especially me ;) Somehow it's going to be my third time gone clubbing and my feet were already so jumpy with all the crumbling of butterflies in my stomach. Anyway, I had a hard time matching my clothes up and so I ended up not wearing the checkered long sleeve. Well the four of us got out of our flat at around 11 PM.

On the cab we have chosen not to ride for a limo but instead the blue vios which came next. Good thing the driver was really cheerful and very chatty and he made the more fun to talk to and calm the atmosphere a bit. When we came to the place, we waited for Razel as she lives halfway of the island state. When she arrived, we proceeded to where most of the crowd was drawn and we found Powerhouse. The queue was huge and the music was really great. When we got inside, it was so packed mostly locals. After looking for a place to park ourselves and booze, we began to heat up the floor and do our moves. The music was beautiful and thought of going back to the club. The DJs were from the land of the rising sun and never thought they played that great. I was also thinking of partying in Japan someday. Well I got a photo of the DJs but it was blurry.

Hope you guys had a great holiday.

Merry Christmas again!

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Merry Christmas in Singapore

My housemates and I started the eve by hearing a mass at a Catholic church somewhere Commonwealth. Obviously I forgot the name of the church, so forgive me.

Anyway, hearing the mass was pure joy to me. The last time I heard mass was like ages ago. I visited some churches in Cebu the last vacation I had two weeks ago but hadn't joined the religious celebration. After that joyous celebration in commemorating the birth of Christ, we went to Cold Storage to buy some snacks and some drinks. Though before we left home for church, we bought and prepared food already - we just wanted to add some finger foods.

We arrived home so hungry and the menudo and pasta was really inviting. With our hungry belly yelling for protestation, people - yeah I call us people wahhahaha; suit themselves and headed to the table. But we need to document and stuff like that so Miss O had to get her digital camera and pause for some poses. Then after that we feast and swarm the table. It was getting 12 which was the time to greet the day with a bellowing Merry Christmas and we started the program. We actually had an exchange of gifts sort of. I received a gift from Yayen but she went back home to Cebu so she was not there to give it to me. I actually received a Targus laptop backpack from her. The gift I prepared was for Olga and I gave her a Guess wallet - not too cheap nor expensive :P. Jason also gave some perfumes to everyone and Razel gave some Ferrero to everyone. There was a bit of fun drama, (hehehehe) minus the crying stuff. The night was even giddier as there was a magic sing karaoke system courtesy of Wengs who also was absent as she had some personal business to attend to in Cebu. The very late night AKA early morning was joggling for a passover so we started it with shots of vodka and wine. People began to really loose themselves and started to sing and laugh and talk anything.

It would have been better to celebrate it with our own family but I chose it here for them and for myself.

Anyway, the celebration was really awesome and I finished the wine by myself while Olga and Dong2 finished the vodka. I was there on the couch a bit sloppy with the microphone trying to read the lyrics on TV and singing out of tune most of the time. Jason and Razel were down and I guess have slept already.... It was 6AM and we decided to call it over - I brushed my teeth wash my face and joined my pillows in bed.

I woke up at 12 noon for a bio-break and went back to bed and get up at around 3M.

I hope the New Year celebration will also be fun with friends ofcourse.

Merry Christmas everyone and hope people will enjoy the rest of the holidays!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

8 days in Cebu

I realized the 8 days I spent with family and friends in Cebu was not enough just when my flight via SilkAir went off the runway. There was a nostalgic feeling of everything about my hometown. Even so, I was happy with the vacation as it was a great opportunity for me to see and appreciate the fun and great life I had.

The activities I did in Cebu were dining again and again with friends and also some clubbing courtesy of MJ. Since I missed some home-cooked meals, I had my dad cooked food for us. I bought the sweetest mangoes ever in the face of the planet. I was so surprised that there was an organ in our house and my brother plays with it nicely. He even played a classic song and some piano rendition of Jason Mraz's music. I also had some bit of shopping for myself and for my family. Also bought some delicacies and the various snack foods for my officemates at Gemalto Singapore. I was actually planning to go to some beaches which Cebu is also famous for but there was not just enough time for that. I also visited churches within the metro Cebu to pay homage and also took silent moments for personal prayers. There was just so many things to do for a short period of time but I am so grateful with the vacation I had.

I am planning for a vacation this Sinulog which is a huge and fantabulous festival in Cebu but there was a change in plans. So, this trip back to Cebu will be rescheduled for the next months of 2010. I am so excited of what's going to happen.