Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adam Lambert at the bottom two of American Idol

What? Come again?

Yes, America voted Adam Lambert and was part of the bottom two. I thought it was Alyson whose going to be part of the bottom two but then I was so surprised that she was part of the top two together with Danny. I personally think that it was going to be Matt and Alyson.

Actually I was in disbelief that Adam was in that rank. But good thing he was able to survive it this week but, if that's going to be a trend then Adam Lambert will have to prove himself next week that he deserves to stay because he might be next in line.

Anyway, it's Matt Giraud who got axed. So good bye to him in the Idol stage. But then, what matters most is how he can survive the world outside. It's a bigger stage and I know he can make a mark if he is true artist and if he has this burning passion to make a mark in the music industry.

Waaah! Next week for American Idol is going to be really tough not to mention uber exciting. Good luck to all the contestants then and hope they can blow us away with their performances.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu: what's next, dog flu?

A new flu virus strain which has evolved to infect swines, is believed to have caused 100 deaths or more already in Mexico. Scary right? Yes it is really really scary. In fact, it has spread already to the USA with 20 reported cases. Canada had joined the bandwagon and so with some countries in Europe.

Good thing, this virus hasn't arrived in Singapore. Sigh of relief that is.

When I came to the office, there was a travel advisory already in the company, stating that all travels to and from Mexico will have to be approved by some guys in the higher echelon. In fact it's actually a travel ban because video conferencing has to be used in lieu of the travel.

I've also watched on TV, that imported pork is banned. Some countries are banning tourist coming from the affected countries. My dear Philippines has not imposed any travel ban but health officials were in maximum alert. I don't know if I should be happy with it or not.

I'm still wondering, why at this economic crisis, this flu came out. Maybe some underground organization is doing this and all they wanted is create more fear - a form of terrorism? Or an insane, bile scientist is doing this all just for fun. Or some pharmaceutical company doing research and made a big mistake of spreading the virus from its highly secured lab. Some thought provoking questions I have but I greatly hope we'll get this over with I mean I'm planning to travel to another country and it will be postponed or something because of this new strain of the flu virus.

I think the next animals in line would be dogs, so it's going to be called dog flu or canine flu - God forbids.

Monday, April 27, 2009

SE W705, my new baby

I have purchased a new mobile yesterday. I guess it's time for me to have a new one simply because my inexpensive Samsung isn't giving me all the mobility I needed and my very old Sony Ericsson K700i is rusting and has been really aging which by it, comes with certain malfunctions, especially the joystick.

Anyway, I got my phone together with Agnes-bachan at Vivo and we were able to have a bargain price of 510 SGD. With it, we also received a gym bag. The phone has a 1 year service warranty as well.

I was planning to buy an Experia but it was way too impractically expensive for me. But I'd still buy it if I had plenty of cash. So far I am liking my new phone.

For all the techies out there, here's the specifications of this new phone: SE W705. You may want to also read its reviews.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Grouper Fish and Prawn Sinigang, Bow!

Mamul and I went to Chinatown to check some travel packages. It was fun talking to travel agents and checking out the best deals for our travel plan. The travel agencies were mushrooming at the People's park center and complex. Even if the place was packed with travel agencies, there was no shadow of the Chan Brothers. It was a bit hopeless when we could not find any internet cafe, just to check the Chan Brothers Travel Agency for their vacation deals. When we asked Olga about it, her phone could actually go online so we were able to at least check for the land line of the agency. When Mamul got her mobile rang for a talk with one of the agents at Chan, it was a doom for that day as there was nobody on the end - only a voice operator trying to tell us of their office hours.

So we decided to go to Vivo City to check our other friends - Agnes, Olga and Christian. We went their to check other things. I was again window shopping at Vivo and could not decide what to buy. I have been actually planning to get a new phone. I feel that I needed to change my sickly and a bit dilapidated Sony Ericsson K700i which has been with me for the past 4 years. I bought a very simple Samsung phone but I can't seem to enjoy it so much. Mamul by the way went to Keppel to buy her diving gears. We were planning to see each other at Vivo, specifically at Food Republic for dinner. Olga was still checking out something and Agnes together with Christian, also were going in and about the mall checking for great value electronics. I was on the other hand, checking some clothes which by the way I don't need. I should be checking phones already, so I went up the next floor and check Sony Ericsson shop, Nokia and Samsung. I am still a Sony Ericsson fan and even if I am so attracted to the Experia, I still won't afford to buy it because it's too pricy and my budget for travel would shrink, which I don't want to do. So checked Olga where are they and so I went to Best Electronic store. Olga was with Agnes and Christian already. I informed Mamul that I will wait for her for dinner and that we will see her at Best also. We were checking some phones and laptops, and they were really good gadgets. Crazily, since the Mac had this internet access, I check with the Chan Brothers site when Mamul arrived - and they had the best deal yet so far. Well, I kept on looking at the Experia and Mamul was teasing me already. But frankly, I just can't buy it mainly because of the reasons I had mentioned above.

Anyway, our stomach were screaming of hunger already so we decided to dine at Food Republic. I usually go for the Western Food stall but then this time I opted to checkout this Chinese stall. Their food looked delicious so I ordered a meal from them. My friends decided to get some fried noodles with prawns which I was able to taste and they were delicious too.

After that dinner, we decided to cook sinigang. Agnes had this two packs of Sinigang mix sa gabi(taro) and sili (pepper). Sinigang is actually a Filipino food that's sour and sometimes spicy, which has also tamarind on it and some vegetables. It was actually 10PM and we decided to sleep at Mamul's den and then cook and eat sinigang the next day. Mamul was planning to go to the market to buy the ingredients.

At Mamul's den, we had this simple chit chat and sharing of some information which are confidential I supposed. Anyway, we viewed some funny videos online like this little girl wanting to get the rent. See it here:

I have had a good laugh of this video a long time ago but Mamul had not seen this one so we shared it to her. We also checked bryanboy's interview of the average joes about fashion.

Anyway, we ended the night talking about Yoga. Since Mamul had this Yoga book, and Agnes just started her Fitness First membership, and had some muscle pains, we started doing some yoga poses. Basically, I read the instructions on the book and showed them the poses which by the way was the same as what I was doing when I had my Yoga class last week. Somehow were having fun at doing some weird positions but then it was a good stretching of the back and the legs. We ended up doing the final relaxing posture which was called the dead's lie where you just rest your body on the mat or floor placing your hands on the side and closing your eyes. What a good way to end the day and sleep, zzzzzzzzz.

The next day, when I woke up, I was alone in the room. I found Olga on the sala with her eyes glued on TV. Olga told me that Mamul together with Agnes went to the market to buy the ingredients for our Sinigang recipe. I washed my face in the bathroom to have that refreshing feeling.

After 10 minutes or more, the two girls arrived with all the purchased ingredients. Agnes asked me if we needed a taro and I said yes but then when Mamul asked me of what needs to be prepared, I forgot to tell her that we need gabi. We did not even have string beans because I forgot to tell her about it as well. Anyway, I found out that there was no green pepper so after Agnes and I did the slicing of the vegetables, and washing the prawns and grouper, I went out of the condo to buy string beans and pepper. It was a quick buy at this mini grocery near the LRT station, so I arrived really fast. Maybe because it's my walking that was really brisk.

I washed the string beans and the green pepper. Prepared the water to be boiled in this big covered wok. I was looking for the sinigang mix but it was no where to be found. We tried to check things and we thought that Mamul kept it in her bag. By the way Mamul left to D. Ghaut, because her uncle came to Singapore and she has to meet him for a tour in Singapore on that same afternoon. Anyway, we were trying to reach Mamul because we can't find the mix. We were also asking if we can use the rice stocked in one of the cabinets in the kitchen. The sinigang mix will actually make or break the food that we were preparing. But I realized that Mamul was bringing with her a plastic bag where she had her diving mask so I thought she could gave placed it there also. Good thing it was there because we would have ended preparing a totally different recipe which will be disaster I guess.

The cooking continued for the next 15 - 20 minutes and I had to eat a slice of bread because I'm a bit hungry already. Well, the two girls were checking some ASAP videos online. ASAP by the way is a variety show of the biggest T.V. network in the Philippines. Movie artists would be there to show their talents be it singing or dancing, or sometimes promoting their concerts and television series.

When the food was ready, I called the girls that it's about time to eat and eventually judge the food we prepared. And the verdict was it's a success. The food tasted really good and it's something you'd drool over. LOLZ. Our sinigang escapade in Punggol went successful. Too bad Mamul was not there, but, we left her with Sinigang in the wok. Hope it's still good to eat.

It's getting late so I needed to sleep already, so bye for now. Ciao!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lil Rounds and AnoopDog bids good bye to American Idol

Yeah you read it right! Sigh :)

Both of these talented singers were axed from this tough competition. Lil Rounds did a good number but not good enough to please Simon. Indeed, people of America must have been convinced by him. She is talented though and I believe she has a long way to go with her singing.

Annop Desai had the same fate. He may have received praises from the three judges but it was Simon's made the turning point. If you watch his performance, it was pretty good actually but not maybe good enough to convince Simon and ultimately, America.

Both were showing few votes and were always on the bottom three. Good thing Matt saved himself during his stage performance and true enough, the viewers made him stay.

Anyways, here are videos of Lil and Anooop!

Thanks ever reliable youtube for the videos.

David Archuleta, the runner up of the last AI season also graced the show and it was cool. He said he will be going to UK tomorrow to promote his music so to all the fans, go and flock UK. He came to Singapore actually just recently but I am not so of a fan, thus, I did not show up but instead I watched the concert of Side A.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yoga at Fitness First

I was out at the office by 7PM and went straight ahead to Fitness First. But before going to the gym, I dropped by at Starbucks to buy a sandwich. I had few bites to it while going my way to FF and when I got to the FF located at the 23rd floor of the building. I presented my ID and then got my towels and then I got a glass of iced tea as a quencher. I then proceeded to the mens locker room and got my own locker. I changed clothes. I then walk out of the locker room. It so happened that I passed by the Yoga studio and I met Rika, an officemate, who will be attending the Yoga session. We exchanged few words. When I proceeded to the free weights section, I saw three of my team mates waving their hands and calling me in. They were inside the Yoga studio. So, I went inside the studio and ask if it's difficult to follow and asking more if I can even do their Yoga tricks? Hehehehe. Audi told me that it's just easy and all I have to do is just listen and follow the instructor. So I was a bit excited already. It's going to be my first time to join the Yoga class.

Things started with this breathing technique while sitting on your legs' tendons (I don't know what they call the position) with hands placed on top of your lap. It was like a controlled breathing and finding your balance and letting go of those tensions in the body. Relaxing the mind, focusing your thoughts to your breathing and finding the center of your balance while in a sitting stance. It was actually quite easy but it was just the start. When things went on, the positions and movement went a bit difficult. The instructor went to my place when I was doing this sort of stretching wherein I was like putting my feet backwards and my two hands forward on the floor. She had to tell me to raise my butt backwards which I got with her very close assistance. It became difficult when we had to raise one leg pussing backward. Somehow I was able to get the right position but on the stretching part where we had to place our one leg forward slightly bent to our chest and the other leg backward fully stretched, that proved difficult. There was this other position wherein we wee lying on the mat folding our legs inward hugging our knees and we needed to like assimilate a rocking chair. It was also difficult and I even had a few chuckles. I even heard some farting but I thought it was just the cracking of the bones or ligaments of some sort.

Anyway, I was liking Yoga already because it made me feel very relaxed after the session. So that was my very first ever Yoga experience at Fitness First after a 4-month long membership with them. I still have 8 months for my 1 year membership with them so it's a long way to learning the basics.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Zara versus Savings ?

I shop at Zara again. I promised myself to buy a new jacket three weeks ago and since I already received my salary, it's a good thing to buy it I thought but for real I did buy it. It was a bit expensive for a jacket but I loved the cloth, the feel and fit on me looks good too. I have two old jackets which I brought from the Philippines. They are still functional but looked so old already. The first jacket I have is already 4 years old and the other one is 1 year old.

Anyway, I was thinking if I should be guilty or just be happy with it. I don't know exactly. Maybe the pressure to save made it a bit discomforting. I have already opened up a fixed deposit savings account here in Singapore and it's in my second month already. I have also provided some financial support or assistance to my family. So what else can I do with this sum? I thought of buying again for myself. Hehehehe.

Rationale is, as long as you can afford and it is still within the boundaries of your finances then go ahead and spend something that will make you feel good or will give you a bit of satisfaction.

Thanks Olga-san for making me decide better. I love the new jacket and I think I won't feel cold in the office with this one.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hello World, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie is Here

Well, I'm so so excited for this new movie installment of this J.K. Rowling's creation. Almost all of the us muggles, would actually know about Harry Potter and all his adventures at Hogwarts, so I would not want to detail about his life for I may fail Ms. Rowling or Potter himself, miserably.

I have actually bought the books and have read them religiously. I even bought the CDs of the movies. Up until now, the wallpaper of my primitive K700i Sony Ericsson phone is from "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", which I got in year 2005 and which I have been using over and over again. Waaaahhhh true blooded HP fanatic:P

Anyway, I am writing about Harry Potter because of this movie which is really coming soon. I bet everyone will be packed and geared with their wands and cats or owls or even rats? Ewwww... - going to the cinemas to see this movie. I hope I can win a ticket for a world premier in London or wherever will this premier be held.

I am so excited how the actors will give life to this great literature and how the movie itself would give justice to the story. Hope they won't do some chopping and make a new story out of it. But for the past HP movies, most of them were crafted to really capture the original storyline but ofcourse they were not perfect.

Anyway, thanks to youtube again for I can share this link with you guys. Hope we see each other in the movie premier or we won't because we will be wearing our
individual cloaks.

Okay, Warner Brothers should be giving me free gifts for this free advertisement and that being said, you may want to visit the official HP movie site : From the site, you will find some HP online adventures.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraud in American Idol

It was Scott MacIntyre's demise last week in American Idol. He was a truly inspiring singer - very brave of him to follow his passion. But too bad it was the people of America who had the vote to cut his streak in the show. But with those weeks that we've followed and knew Scott, I bet all of us must have been inspired one way or another. I know he will still shine someday and hope he will be given another chance to play his music. Anyway, thanks to my ever loyal video-portal friend youtube and I have this clip to show. Let's watch him.

This is another video of Scott:

And right now, it was announced that Lil and Matt at the bottom two as Anoopdog was saved. Anyway it's really exciting but it was Matt who is going to leave but not yet, he was saved by the judges. Next week, there will be two idols leaving though.
Anyway here is Matt's performance yesterday:

Matt is actually a good singer but I don't think his performance is as inspiring as that of Scott. But it was the jury's decision to save him and let's see him prove himself next week. I sometimes like his performance though and sometimes I think it's over rated.

Next week's American Idol is really going to be exciting.

And oh, I love Jennifer Hudson's performance :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gifts, presents or whatever you call them.

Yeah, everyone loves to receive gifts. Agnes, my officemate and close friend actually just arrived from a business trip from China gave me a gift. She actually did not know what it meant but the idea of someone giving a gift is more than enough. It is not one of those usual gifts I have received from friends so it was kind of great. Here's the pic.

This is an idol of a Chinese god which brings wealth and abundance. This is according to my Chinese colleague. Thanks Nes.

Another thing, my housemate also came from a vacation in Cambodia and she brought us shirts. She gave me the white shirt but it was really big for me so I chose the smaller one. It fits me well when I tried. Thanks Ats for this T-shirt. Here's the pic by the way:
Thanks guys for these stuff.

I'm not over with Side A yet!

Side A announced that they will be releasing their newest album. In fact, they sang a song which will be part of their will-be latest release. I was scouring youtube for this new song and I couldn't find it. Geez it was a teaser. Anyway, I checked one of their hits and here it is. Hope you guys can enjoy this clip:

I guess Side A is really popular because of their songs. I mean their songs are really nice and full of meaning. Mostly, their songs are about love which all can connect or relate to. Basically, one will surely fall in love with their songs.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Blog Theme, Yehey!

Notice that I have a new blog theme. I believe I have made this online niche of mine more organized and appealing. Thanks to the free blogger themes. This site update that I have is not yet finish though, because there are some links that I need to fill in with in my site menus and other links at the left-hand side that I need to add also specially my blog roll which would I think be done manually. I am also checking on what other useful tools that I can put in my blog site to better the experience of my dear readers, friends and critics of the site. I understand that this is far from perfect yet so I am very much open to any of your suggestions.

Anyway, I am happy with what I have come up with. It is a good thing that I have some HTML-doodling knowledge.

Hope you guys get to appreciate it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Side A Concert in Singapore

Just want to share with you guys that Side A, one of the more prominent band in from the Philippines came to Singapore for a concert and my friends and I went and had some fun.

Yesterday, we had a sleep over at Mamul's house and there was this crazy karaoke session. It was a lot of fun and there were sneaky videos taken. I believe it would be worth a million youtube views. It was really late when everyone went to sleep.

Waaaaaahhh going to the main event. Since we were at Mamul's den from faraway Punggol, we had to take a cab going to our units at Holland Village to prepare for the concert. The concert would start at 3PM and we had to be there on time. We arrived at Holland around 12 noon which was quite fine. I was hungry so I ate my 3 days expired Gardenia as I was really hungry. I can't drink my medicine as well with an empty stomach so I have to eat at least two slices of bread.

I was the first one to go for a shower but I though that I need to do some laundry which I did. Then I went to the shower on rush. Agnes a friend from Beijing arrived at our flat. I was about to go to my room and saw here sitting on Olga's bed. There door was actually open and it was just beside ours. Anyway I hurried to my room and telling Olga that it's her turn to do some shower. I had to iron my polo shirt since everything in the cabinet were just a bit crumpled. I have this guess jeans which I have used from the weekday so I need not to get a new pair. Everything matched perfectly and I was ready to go. Agnes was playing facebook's farming game in Olga's laptop and Christian also came to our flat around that time. Olga was done with ironing her top shirt and was already wrapping up her meal as well. When everything got ready, we head to our next destination which is Pasir Ris - a place located at the very end of Singapore's MRT system in Green Line. It was almost an hour of train ride and I had actually a nap because I felt a bit tired. When we arrived at Pasir Ris, it was 2:45 already and we need to take a bus going to the venue which was at D'Marquee. We just got on time actually but the queue in going inside the concert venue is packed but not flooded. There was this huge line and the flow of people was not too fast because you need to sign up for a raffle entry. Well after 10 minutes of waiting from the queue we were able to get inside and we bought VIP seat which was not that expensive because it was only 44SGD per ticket. We were at the center, exactly at Row F which was pretty close from the stage. The program hasn't started as some crew were sort of preparing some final touches for the concert. After some program announcement basically sponsor advertisements, there was a group who played familiar songs. They have good voice quality but I don't even know these people but the thing is we were entertained. After the men's band, there was this group called "In Heat", which I don't know why, performing some nice productions. They have good voices as well and we enjoyed their dance moves. After the teasers, there was this promotion from the sponsors and organizers and there were two raffle draws. To our surprise, Agnes, Olga and I won the raffle which is LBC's one year free remittance charge. A really fun and surprising happening on that concert. Too bad we did not get the ipods. Hehehehe. After that, it was the moment of truth, it was Side A's turn to warm the house. With their first opening song, the crowd went uproar. The crowd were clapping and howling? Did I say howling? You bet, everyone was very much excited. The audience would most of the time sing along with Side A's lead vocalist named Joey. He is really talented. The one you hear in their album is also the same and exact person with that cool, raspy voice in live performance. There were moments that we would stand and clap and also stomp at the beat of their performance. The audience simply liked them. At the later part of the concert, the VIP crowd I mean most of them were standing and went to the front of the stage already but of course no one can get to the stage at all because of the fence placed in front. Everyone would really sing and seemed to be a Side A cult already. We were just in our place clapping and also singing and jumping but never joined the crowd in front. Anyway the performance ended with their one of the greatest hit, the song entitled, Forevermore. I would say it was fun and a WOW concert. In fact after the concert, we were drained and hungry so we decided to go to IKEA Tampines to have our dinner.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Thanks Mul for the blueberry cheese cake.

It was raining at around 3PM and I could not get my ass out of my bed. I could not even stretch my legs as I was on top of my bed sitting indulgently while surfing and chatting with MJ and Tere. After like three hours of creating a life in the internet, I decided it's about time to take a good bath. At 5PM, The sky was still crying and the surrounding was in a silent gloom which created a bit of nostalgia. I have not taken any picture from atop. We are actually at the 20th floor so I thought that I can take a picture of this crazy rain.

After that minute activity, I then went on taking my bath. Once finished, I checked my mobile and there three messages and it was from Mamul. Olga was in their place and they were planning to have a karaoke. It was so hard to resist. I had a battle in my head and it's a dilemma of some sort. Anyway, I was hungry as the breakfast I had was during lunch time, so I ate obviously which was a left over from lunch. I was still in a dilemma but then decided not to go to the faraway Punggol. It was getting 8PM and it would be really far from our place. I was actually ready to go but changed my mind. Errrrr.

So I went to Vivo City just to do some window shopping which was what I have planned initially for the day. I was successful at it because I was not able to buy anything. Yeah, I was able to control myself - my impulsive self. I was like walking around the mall checking every shop. When the clock struck at 10PM, I decided to go home. I can feel my feet were screaming already so that was a buzzer.

The ride from Vivo to Outram Park interchange was a bit relaxed but from Outram to Buona Vista was like hellish. It was so packed like a can or sardines. Good thing I got used to the smell in the train which was really very annoying during my first few weeks of stay in Singapore. Anyway, I was pasted on a corner near the train door and having my head as the only body part that can move. Well that's including I guess my eyes, lips and tongue and other internal organs. Hehehehe. The train ride was fast and it took me around 10-15 minutes to arrive at Buona Vista, which was a great thing for I can breath fresher air. I was just walking towards our flat and I had to passby NTUC which made me realized that I had to buy a liter of carrot juice or apple fruit juice. I went to the store and hurriedly went to the fruit juice section - I don't exactly know how's this section called. Anyway I grabbed a liter of apple fruit juice as I have been having carrot juice for almost two months. I noticed that I was the only customer lurking in the supermarket so I immediately went to the cashier thinking that they were already closing. I did not bother to check other things which is the normal me, like checking other things which are not part of list of groceries to buy. Anyway I paid the purchase I made and just walk away. Then I realized that I did not bring the item. I think I have made three or four steps just when I went back and the cashier was about to call me. So I just thank her anyway for that. It was a blooper - buying something which you will just leave at the store.

At last I arrived to our flat safe and sound but my tummy was already hungry. I then remembered that I still have that blueberry cheesecake. I placed the apple fruit juice inside the ref and looked for that blueberry cheese cake and found it inside the chiller. I was wishing that it's not spoiled because the cake was purchased last March 30. I took the picture of this mini cake before it will be swallowed and be digested by my hungered tummy. I was smelling it just to check it's putrid or anything. I then had a bite. It's yummy and it tasted good. Waaaaaahhh thanks Mul for that cake. I got to eat almost half of the cake and then I tasted something which was not normal for this cake. I do not want to be part of the statistics of those who got poisoned so I decided not to finish the cake and just throw it away.

Anyway, half of the cake already satisfied me. I think I should next time eat the food I stock in the ref early on to avoid wastage and never ever stock too much :) Actually, I had other realization like I need to go back to my old hobby which is reading good literature. I think I'm going to start checking one book out for a dose of good literature to fuel my other self - the one who loves to read and discover other realms.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A new pair of Zara

Wahahaha! In this times of crisis I am so extravagant.

Anyway, I have counted my savings and it's pretty fine to spend for myself. The last pair I had was bought third quarter last year. I still like them but sometimes they looked boring already which for some reason I haven't have any clues. Should I know these reasons ? I was actually planning to buy a new pair like two weeks ago. Everytime I went out and passed by the malls at Orchard, Singapore, I would surely visit some shops and checkout some shoes. Yeah, the new pair is shoes. Last Monday, I was conquered and went to buy a new pair of shoes from Zara.

Am I so extravagant? Maybe yes and maybe not :P It was just a treat for myself. Anyway I am a little happy with my new pair :)

Interesting Karaoke Site

Who does not love karaoke? Okay, if you guys love to do some karaoke try the site link below. You will surely have fun with it.


Enjoy and let that stresses go away :)
Oh I miss the real thing.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dempsey Hill, a new cloud 9

WOW the place is really cool.

It's actually Cyt's birthday bash for us? Hmmm Cyt actually treated us for her birthday. After the office woes, everyone was in a mini discussion as to where to meet at that night. Well we come from the same office so it should not be an issue. We just rode the company bus going to Buona Vista station and waited for around 15 minutes for other friends.

We got two cabs. There was a blooper at that time. Not minding if there was a passenger, an officemate just went on to the front seat, just close to the driver and comfortably suit himself. When we went to the back seat, we were surprised that there was a passenger there and we have to knock on the glass window to signal our friend to go out of the cab. Good thing the driver and the passenger did not freak out.

Our officemates got a cab for themselves and we have to wait another few minutes because of that incident, but we got one just on time. There was another blooper. Ahihi. The driver was not familiar where Dempsey Hill and he just knew where Dempsey Road. So we just told him that it should be close in that place. So we called our friend and asked. Following her instructions, we arrived to our destination sound and safe.

Our stop was in Dome. It's a cozy restaurant and the food is great. We had fun taking some pictures. I actually did not bring my digital camera but the good thing is, three of my officemates brought theirs so it was all the more a fun experience. I so loved the seafood pasta they have. The smell of the herb and the fresh tomato paste used just made it really sumptuous. After our special dinner, we waited outside for an officemate has to go ahead with his fiancee. Everyone was still so giddy about the night's affair and we decided to eat something sweet. We were in the right place whereelse but ofcourse at Dempsey Hill, a new cloud 9. At the opposite side, there was this edgy ice cream delights parlor. If you guys haven't been to one, try out Ben and Jerry's. They have this nice concept of a chill-out place. Since the place was packed, we had to wait for five minutes to get a table for six people. After we got a place to bask we suit ourselves and immediately went to the counter to check their delights. I got a Belgian waffle with two scoops of chocolate ice cream with macadamia nuts in chocolate hot fudge. I have a sweet tooth that is and chocolates are one of my weaknesses. I had to give in and I couldn't resist. I just reasoned that I will have to really go to the gym the next day. I had to wait for the order as it will be served after 10 minutes. The price tag of that order was a hefty 17SGD. It's okay but my expectations were raised. The order has to arrive on time and it should be delightful or simply gastronomic. While waiting, there was this live band and it the music they were playing was kind of cool too. Well 10 minutes has almost passed and my order just came. The first taste of the order was heavenly. Yum-yum! I uber like it. I do really have to go to the gym for what I savoured. Anyway, I got heavier after that dessert and when the band had finished their part one performance, we decided to call it a night.

Thanks Cyt for that great dinner at Dome. Hope I can get some pictures of that special night; maybe tomorrow in the office. Cioa!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Midnight Laundry

Yesterday was cruel. I had to stay late for my laundry.

I segregated the coloured from the white clothes I have and washed the coloured ones first. I took me over an hour of waiting for the first batch to finish. I had to hang them for drying as we obviously don't have a dryer. It was getting 1AM at that time.

After that, it was time for the next batch the white clothes. I had to wait for another hour for it to finish. It was 2AM and while waiting for everything to finish, I was surfing the net and at the same time reading some blogs. It's a fun thing reading peoples' blogs and knowing the person who are not even part of any history. It's kind of awesome knowing and learning from their sojourns.

I woke up at around 6AM and then I realized that I left my laundry in the unit's washing machine. It was cruel. I didn't noticed that I slept with my laptop on and was sitting in my bed and with myself pushed back on the wall in one position which gave me a back ache. I had to rise from my bed and walk very sluggishly to the washing machine. I had to hang them as well and it was harsh because I feel that I was half asleep while doing it. I had my alarm set to 7AM because of the Gemalto Orientation Seminar. It took me 10-15 minutes hanging them. I had to hurry to my bed and slept again.

I woke up around 7:15AM and still very sleepy.

Reason for not being able to wash my clothes early because, there was a very small space to hang them. Even if there was nobody using the washing machine, I can 't hang them to dry, so there you go, I had to wait until some of my housemates have dried their clothes. There are some space available outside but I don't want to risk drying them there because we are in the 20th floor and it might be blown by the gust.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Megan is out from American Idols

Megan is one of those I loved in the American Idols. I mean she is very different and she is also talented. Her unique voice is a mixture of country, pop, standard and had that interesting tone. But as the judges have been saying throughout the competition, the choice of music matters. It's unfortunate that she has to leave but anyway, I still have my other bets like the one and only Adam Lambert.

As a tribute to Megan, here are some clips of her - the road to Hollywood. Watch and enjoy guys.