Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Vaio and American Idol

Arrived at the office around 9:40am and a bit sleepy, actually tired. It's because I slept around 3AM. What happened was like I had to wait my laptop to finish the updates which when counted was close to a hundred. I couldn't sleep because of that. The update was due to the fact that I reinstalled my vaio's vista because I am having problems with it. The lcd screen at the bottom part, where you have the task bar keeps on flickering. I tried adjusting the power consumption setting but it did not help. I tried uninstalling some programs but didn't solve it. The last thing I did was reinstall everything but still the issue persisted. In fact, during hibernation mode, the flickering became worse like there is this speedy interleaving or swapping of the display in the screen. My vaio's model number is a VGN-CS33G which is not an old model. In fact, I cannot believe it myself why or what happened because it's totally new and like I bought it last November of 2009. I did some updates to it but I did not have some issues as the updates I had were recommended updates from the vaio update manager/tool. My suspicion was like it came from the updates actually, and if this was the case, they should have tested their updates very well, because it's a hassle. Anyway, after I arrived in the office, while waiting my machine to be alive, I called vaio through Olga's help and asked stuff about support and warranty. Too bad it rained around 11 AM, it stopped but it rained again - the one thing I hate about Singapore is that the rain comes during lunch time like it's scheduled okay.... Anyway, I borrowed an umbrella from Olga. When the clock struck lunch time, I went out of the office and waited for bus 91. It arrived sooner. I had to go to our flat at Holland Village to get my laptop. I still did not take my lunch, instead, I went to Wisma Sony support center. The bus ride was quick, just 15 minutes. I was deciding to have McDonald's burger but changed my mind and I went ahead to Sony's. I was kind of lost a bit and asked the mobile area and was informed that the vaio support was on the next shop which was kind of hidden. I got my queue number and it was 160 and they were serving145. There were 7 counters if I was not mistaken but only 2 were functional which then became 4 after 20 minutes of waiting. I had with me my IPod Touch, playing word scramble, so I was not bored from waiting. Then my turn came and when I gave my vaio to the clerk, I just informed him that I had a problem with it which was the screen flickers at the bottom part. It was quick like a fox - he scanned my vaio code, confirmed my mobile and it was correct, then he informed that, I have to check-in my laptop and that they will just send me an sms if it's done. I'd like to ask if it was like a known issue to this model and that but I just was so hungry already. I was even interested at the part where he would have asked me if what are the things that I have done or should have done and all the what not. Anyway, I was a bit weak already and thus I needed energy so I chose not to bother. After the short conversation, he gave me a receipt of some sort and then I left. I just went to food republic and had grilled salmon with rice and some fresh veggies. After that, I went out and got a cab going to Gemalto.

At the office, it's so quiet because everyone was on vacation for the Chinese New Year. I was also busy doing the test to pass the DLL I was supporting at the same time improving the code. I was able to solve the issue of the DLL restart. Good thing I have grown familiar with the VB test and also with the whole DLL stuff in my project to the API down to the specific code behavior. I am just happy, grateful and thankful that I was able to finish this task.

After the office, I went with Agnes and Christian to the gym. I gained like a kilo with all the slack I did during the four days vacation. So, I had to do lots of cardio exercises again and to be followed by some weights.

After the gym, my friends and I went to the hawker in Buona Vista, the one beside POSB in Commonwealth Ave. Same old thing, I ordered double fish soup. I also had a homemade ice lemon tea. To so many ice lemon teas I had had in different hawkers, I would say the one in Buona Vista was and still is the best. Anyway, we were just having a fun chit-chat after that simple and satisfying dinner.

I arrived home around 10:40PM and American Idol had just began. Guess what? Andrew Garcia was able to make to the top 24, also my other favorite, Lily Scott was able to make it as well. I was so happy for both, as they were talented and really has that Idol thing in them. I think, they will really be a force to reckon with in the competitions next week.

That's it for today. I hope my vaio will return to me in a great condition and hoping my AI bets will make it through and possibly win it.

Special thanks, to Jason as he offered me to use his netbook :D

Ciao, my laundry is crying out loud! Hikhikhikhik ....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

American Idol Time

It's been like two weeks maybe since the start of American Idol - one of the greatest talent search in the world ever. Anyway, I have been following the show which is aired at MediaCorp, a local channel here in Singapore, every Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Hollywood week has started already and this guy from L.A. is so amazing. He is Andrew Garcia. I'd like to check out the profile of this guy but I can't seem to find any. But anyway, youtube has lots of videos about him and all his stage renditions of some famous songs.

Anyway, just want to share this brilliant performance of Mr. Andrew Garcia in the first round of Hollywood week :

I hope he wins!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gaynor's I will survive ?

This will make your stomach bark and your mouths chirp. Seriously, it's way creative and entertaining. I just personally don't know if they butchered, "I will survive".

Monday, February 8, 2010

Yehey, we found a place !

It has been a long battle searching for a nice place here in Singapore. We are currently staying at Holland Drive which is pretty near the "Holland Village". This place is where most expats stay and with that, the price is really high.

The situation left us troubled at times because we might end up homeless. To add to that, our agent kept on telling us that it might be hard to get a flat because of the Chinese New Year. The problem of this agent we have was that he talked nonsense sometimes and there was this instance that I was in a fiery mood and that I talked to him upfront and cut him off. That made me to decide not to deal with him always so I allowed my other housemates to talk to him most of the time.

So there was this certain flat that we were interested in just same block as ours but then it was like in a bidding process and the unit was pegged at 2000 SGD for a year contract. There was one bidder at 1950 so we bid for 1960 SGD. We were so ready with the money but then it turned out that the unit was not allowed by HDB to be rented out. Another unit located at Holland Close which was okay looking but the flat didn't feel right. Somehow the vibes was a bit negative so we did not get it. There was another unit at block 12 where it was at 2200SGD for two years and fully furnished. At first we decided not to get it but we were too close of our deadline already so we took it for 2000SGD for two years contract unfurnished but there was this prospect client and they did a bid for 2100SGD unfurnished. I was personally vocal about this bidding stuff going on in HDB so what we did we just declined and decided not to do a bidding. I am honestly disgusted about this bidding stuff in these HDB because of the fact that agents could have some sort of fishy alliances and that they will play with the clients just to raise the prices of the units. I do not know if this is legal or allowed by the Singapore authority. Anyway, I personally don't agree to join the bidding game because we had a limited budget and it might turn out just a way to raise prices. I just hope that there is a cap or some sort of legal way to prevent an unreasonable price hike of flats. Because as I have said, it might be just the case of agents conniving to make the prices high.

Anyway, we found a place already though it would have resulted in a bidding game but I insisted to our agent that we want the flat already at 1800 for a year contract and if they wanted to have it two years then we asked them to lower the price to 1750SGD simply because for two years they will not have a hassle of looking for new tenants and their income will be more stable. I actually sensed again of the bidding process as there were other people checking out the place. I just made my point up front to the agent and told him that he should help us get the place. If he would have answered and explained things that it's like this and that, I would have told him right then and there that we are cutting off any business relationship whatsoever and we will look for another agent. Somehow he felt my stand and he made the right move. So we got the unit at 1800SGD which is fully furnished and good for a year term....

So right now, my housemates and I were very happy and at last were off the stress already. House hunting in SG is really tough especially if you really want convenience which in our case we were also looking for value of our hard-earned money. Somehow, I just learned to be a bit aggressive and realized again that I have to be very patient at all times.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

She's resigned....

Our officemate and a teammate at the same time has recently tendered her resignation. She has been in Gemalto for two years and I knew her for just over a year. I can a bit relate to her because for the 5 years of work experience I had, I also have gone to so many companies. In effect, I knew how it goes and how it really felt to leave and to be left. I know some of her personal reasons and it's kind of really private so my gut is sealed. Somehow it was fun having her in our team especially the foods which she oftentimes place in our cube's center table, ready to be shared to the team.

Anyway, our team organized a video montage of sorts. We had this officemate's camera rolling and we videoed some clips of farewell in different languages. I took the liberty of saying it in Tagalog, and there were translations in Indonesian, Mandarin, Hindi, Thai and English. It's really fun and there were some bloopers during the shoot. Other teams who belong to the same R&D software engineering dept. had some skit.

Just after lunch today, all the males in the team danced to the tune of single ladies. It was really fun. After that, all the members of this particular team in Gemalto had the last farewell clip.

Tomorrow, we will all gather for a dinner at Plaza Singapura, in an Indonesian restaurant.