Sunday, April 14, 2013

What I am cooking in Cebu

It has been super fast paced the past weeks. I's busy with a lot of things.  Not complaining though, so don't get me wrong :D  in fact happy with all the challenges.  I am definitely thriving....

The company my friends and I are setting up is already running.  We are already registered with SEC and with the city.  The next step would be with the BIR.

But what made me busy lately is our project with a client in the US. I am like snorkeling in big deep android - the operating system from google for smart phones.  I am glad to have a mentor who is very patient, sometimes crazy and fun, the one and the only Joemarie {pwede apilan ug kapa ug korona}.  Yup that's the latest of what I am cooking up in Cebu.

Oh don't forget all the pig outs and party/celebrations I've had with friends .... :D