Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting back on track

How I wish I had the luxury to watch the sky unfolds from the crisp morning to the radiant flourish of bright red - moments where darkness spit the day. In short I like to slack and just enjoy and be oblivious of the world.

Anyway, I have been slacking lately from going to the gym. From my regular three-times-a-week to just twice. Worse, I ate lots of calorific foodies. So I decided to go to the gym and burn them all for 15 minutes in tread mill and 5 minutes on stationary bike. Fitness First should be thankful or not? I don't know :P Well maybe next week I will be back to my regimen of getting fit.

One of the culprits is Lutong Pinoy food stall at Lucky Plaza err... I love the sinigang, mango salad, pinakbet, chopsuey, bihon guisado etc. From Buona Vista to Orchard, I had my lunch there last Tuesday and another one last Wednesday and I ate pork with vegetables. I think for this month, it's the third occasion I ate pork and to make mention, I had crispy pata at Bonifacio, a bit chic Filipino restaurant in Kret Ayer, and chicken pork adobo at Lutong Pinoy. I must do away with this unhealthy stuff - seriously. I have been successful in my get-away-with-pork meals for the past months or up to a year but lately, I'm missing my plan. Anyway, I must resist the very sinful pork - I'm not a Muslim though but I wanted to change my diet.

I think I need a switch inside my subconscious to utterly remind me of this....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stop me!

I was not able to blog for like a week already. Well, the weekend I had was spent in Johor Bahru Malaysia, again. My passport must have been complaining of my trips there. Actually, our housemate celebrated his birthday there and we had karaoke with free food and some drinks. It was fun singing and dancing and just letting loose of yourself to the point of looking a bit crazy - sanely crazy :D

Anyway, haven't you noticed guys? I have been writing all the fun stuff I have had. I did so because I just want to remember good things. But sometimes, I still have lots of issues in life in general.... Thank God I could still resist them as compared before where everytime I had some troubles or any gush or flush or angst or something, I write them here. I actually have tons of complaints about things and stuff like that but looking at the bright side is way much better to handle things and for that it's less stressful. Things change, and I hope I only treasure more of the good experiences; but of course, not to forget the lessons in every journey be it maddeningly sad or a joyful exultation :D

Have a great night everyone and always try to find time to enjoy :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, boxing emperor

Right now, Manny is the undisputed boxer of our time. He has now 7 titles under his belt in all different weight class division. And today, Cotto bowed down to Manny's power punches.

We actually had a live streaming over the net and it was a bit scary. Manny looked a bit disadvantaged in weight, height and arms' reach. But Manny proved to be a force to reckon with in the ring. Thus, Cotto lost the WBO and WBC title.

Wow! Congrats to Manny Pacquiao. True enough from the interview, he is from zero to hero, and from hero to Nero - the ultimate emperor of boxing....

Hope everyone learns that with the right skill and attitude one can pursue and achieve, whatever that great dream is. I believe Manny is a modern testament to that. Despite all the odds, he managed to prove to himself and to the world what he is made of.

Good luck and God bless to Manny and hope he stays humble and grateful. God bless to everyone also and have a great day ahead :)

Manny is Amazing with the capital A.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Did I say, I worship Zara?

This blog is supposedly not about fashion but yeah, I like Zara stuff. Here in Singapore, this fashion store is everywhere like mushrooms trying to grow in everyone's backyard - at least in my native land in Cebu, Philippines.

Anyway, Gemalto, which is where I work, is having this Dinner and Dance, with this concept of the 80's. I do not personally know how I should look but looking at anything 80's online is just so crazy. From the goth look, to punk, to vintage 80's, to being athletic 80's and the list goes on and on. They said the 80's was revolutionized by the idea of experimentation of self individuality and expression and it shows in the clothes during that time. I did my research and the one thing caught my attention was the chuck taylor shoes. I like it but I wanted to have it with something different. My friends and I were planning to go to JB but we did not just have time. So we went off to malls and looked for what to wear that would at least tell about the 80's. It's a bit of a disaster of you if you're one off a decade or the other way around. So it has to be planned. Since in my line of work, everyone is expected to be a bit geek or nerd or extremely of both as we are in software research and development but then I don't want to be identified as such. I don't want to blend with my crowd even if I like my crowd. So I decided to shop at Zara. It's not just Zara actually because I got my jeans at TopMan - another trendy shop. But the highlight of this dress-myself-up is my shoes:) I had an eye for that shoes when Gemalto's recreation club announced the theme for this year's celebration which will be at Shangri La. And this day, I bought a pair. I also plan to be wearing a shirt on the occasion so I also got a good bargain from the store. It's actually a bright yellow shirt, so it should do the trick.

But yeah, I like the Zara shoes I just bought, and hope this will even give a blast as to how I look on the said event. Hope things, won't turn out to be a disaster and hope all the Gemalto employees will wear the 80's style.