Friday, May 29, 2009

Philippine senate looks really stupid

I don't know what's in the mind of these few senators acting clean but it's pretty obvious even if I were to be blinded (hope not).

Actually, next year would be the national elections and politicians are looking for some hot news they can use to ride the tides of the issues and make it as their ticket to greater power. One such case is the Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili scandal. Sen. Bong Revilla in his words was very harsh and very judgemental. Another senator Jamby Madrigal was echoing with her protestation over the media about women's rights. I don't know who else in the senate who did these blowing up of proportions. I hate to see them on TV airing their opinions when in fact there are tons, more pressing issues in the country, and deserving issues that needs to be addressed. I simply do not like their way of getting attention and using the issue to have an appeal for the next election. I believe they could better serve the country by having the scandal be judged in a proper court which does actual and legal battles. We have the DSWD which is a department that protects women and why can't they appoint someone from that office to proceed the case. We have the Human Rights Commission which looks into any form of violation to the human rights. My logical mind could not even digest the ideas of these senators who do not have enough background of the Philippine laws who are acting as lawyers. I can't buy their argument that they do it out of moral calls and out giving justice and making sure this kind of obscenity won't happen. I just did not like the motives of these power hungry officials. And there you go, the Filipino people who loves to see politics as part of show business and entertainment, directs their energy on this matter.

Well right now, I'd like to call the greater powers to put a stop into this ridiculous frenzy in the senate. They are becoming animals in the zoo with all their hullabaloos. I hope the proper departments would function and bring this case into a real court and not a court of falsehoods.

Stop, stop, and stop for the fourth time stop. They are just dragging down everyone with their stupid thinking.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Swine Flu is in Singapore

As I have said, it is not impossible for Singapore to have this virus. Singapore is one of the centers of commerce in Asia and thus lots and lots of peoples are coming in and out of this tiny country.

The first case was reported today, from which a Singaporean student who had a vacation of some sort from New York. Here's the thing, the student did not have any fever upon arriving at the airport but when the student had some flu symptoms, that was the time the student went to a doctor and recommended the student to be admitted to Singapore's center of disease control (I don't know what's the complete name of the medical center though). It was confirmed and verified that the student came positive of the swine flu.

This is a bit alarming because Singapore could sometimes be crowded. The authorities are doing their best to contain the spread but who knows? The victim might have spread the virus already. The authorities were able to track the other passengers from the plane but what about the officers in the immigration who would check the passports? What if that student rode a taxi and has infected the driver and that driver would in a way infect the next passengers. What if the victim went to a public transportation like the MRT or bus prior to checking a medical doctor?

This is really harsh. I think we need not to get overly paranoid. But I think I am a bit paranoid. I had my friend from the Philippines purchased some masks for me when I purchased at Guardian and they did not have stocks already. Instead of being so paranoid (I need to help convince myself), we need to be more informed. According to the write-up lately, the virus is not that deadly if detected early. Another way would be to avoid too crowded places. Oh my burning of cash would be lessen which can be a good thing also. Take lots and lots of immuno-boosters like fruits and vegetables and some supplements. That should help up a bit but still, we can never tell.

Actually my home country which is the Philippines had it's reported and confirmed case last week and good thing the girl who came from California was quarantined immediately after arriving to one of the busiest international airport in the country.

The authorities are doing their best and hope the public would cooperate as well, so no worries. And next month, a potent vaccine will be available to the public and by that time, the viral infection would be curbed and ultimately put to a stop. Hopefully, it will.

For reference you may guys want to visit this site:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Work work work

I have been too busy with work.

My new tasks at work would be to less prioritize the first project because of other plans and right now I am going to evaluate a software done by my Thai officemate. I only had little knowledge on the software. In fact, the time that I had an encounter with the software was when I designed and did some reverse engineering on the way Visual Studio would build a .Net project. I created a simple console application for resource conversion. What's ironic was I did it using C#. I liked C# because it's similar to Java. Pangd! I wish they are going to give me a Java project or at least assign me into a Java project.

Anyway, after designing and coding the resource generation, I integrated my application into our continuous build integration tool which was written in Java. And speaking of builds, it was in Ant with Arpege. Thanks to my previous companies where I was able to learn Apache Ant. I usually explore mostly software stuff at work and not at home. Not unless the software is really intruiging or I am really happy when I do something with it, it's also because I feel that I had to do other things, other than programming like chat anything and everything with my close friends, read a lot of things online or a good book . I am guilty about this book thing because I failed myself from my promise which was like I need to go back to reading books I have purchased. I actually brought books from the Philippines and in fact I weighed like 7 kilos so I was like in excess baggage when I arrived in Singapore. Good thing my company sponsored everything for me. But I know, I will get back to my reading habit.

By the way last Friday, I was able to discover what was wrong with the first product version. It took me like many days to realize what to do. My project lead maybe did not have any other interest of the project or I just don't know. It's because I asked him of all the documentation like the design and all but our French counterpart informed us that they don't have it. So anyway I don't really know. He just told me that we don't have it and he said that I have to read the code. My eyes looked startled but I knew from the very beginning that they don't have it, it's just that I wanted my project lead to know more information about the project. So I did not have any choice and decided to just give it a shot. Like draw up all the software internals by reading the code. How I wish I was reading one of Paulo Coehlo's novel but nope, I was actually a forensic , pathologist. As I have said I gave it a try and finally, that was it, I found a why in regards to what was wrong with the product. So this week's Monday, in our meeting, he told me that I need to less prioritize my current unprogressive task and focus this week with evaluating the software to be released this Friday. Like this morning, I had to setup the test environment in one of our virtual machines and my deadline will be later as it is 1:52 AM already. Anyway, as mentioned I have less understanding of the software so good thing, my Thai officemate was not that busy and I grabbed her (not literally wahahhah) and let her explain the new features which will be part of the release and some icons and buttons which were there. I started the testing like in the morning and continued after lunch and stopped at 4PM because I had to attend a software proposal review. It took us almost 2 hours to discuss thing for one thing I had only like few inputs because all of the questions were coming from our technical manager. Anyway, our technical manager left us because he had to attend something and the meeting went a bit relaxed. The questions were coming from our project lead and worse I was like getting bored and was really sleepy. At the back of my head I kept reminding myself to just listen and stay awake. Anyway, I was not able to control myself and I yawned. It was a bit embarrassing but I noticed they did not bother to notice so it was a bit of relief. I actually know what my team mate was talking about but then, I just chose to let my bosses asked things. I had few questions though but not much because it seems that my teammate was like really trying to explain things and I can seem to hear all the breathing and all that sound so I thought he was a bit tensed already.... Good thing when our manager left he just assured our teammate that it was very good.

Anyway, after the meeting I had to go to the lavatory. I was like bringing lots of printed docs which were a bit wasted. I went to my place and continued my evaluation tasks. I was surprised that all the things that my teammate discussed to me went away from my head. It sort of just disappeared and I can only recall like 40% of it. So I had to ask her again... I was so lazy which I think I am sometimes. Anyway, I managed to finish three features and there were 3 left. I also managed to see two other bugs and I need to do test cases for that. We actually do not have any template for the test validation so I had to make my own documentation. Hope they will agree with my sort of template. After this test evaluation, I will also be evaluating the task from my Indonesian teammate... I actually find it hard sometimes understand some of my teammates because of the accent but it's manageable most of the time. I think they also want to express themselves better so I do not bother myself correcting or anything with the way they pronounce or anything related to intonation and stuff. But sometimes, I get confused with the tenses :(

I actually want to finish the other project and in fact I have started another code to call an exposed function from the DLL. C#'s implementation is much cleaner than C/C++ or Visual Basic, so this test program is another console application using the aforementioned language. I think I have so many things in my head running around and I am becoming less focused on some things and I am so not motivated with some of my tasks. Can I program something that's close to human nature or anything close to live organisms?

Anyway, it's really work-work-work for this week. Hope things get better for my work as it's my only ticket right now to support my family and personal needs and wants. So good luck and God bless to me.

Isn't this entry boring? Okay, maybe two weeks from now, I will write something that's really fun and exciting. Ciao as in good morning for now?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Charice Pempengco sings, "Note to God"

I am so moved and touched by her performance of the song, "Note to God". See it here guys :D

Now that you have watched it, how did you feel? For me, I was simply blown away. She is really amazing! I would have written something today about the performance of Adam Lambert and Kris Allen for the final two of the American Idol show, but I changed my mind when Olga told me about her latest video.

Hope you enjoyed Charice's video which was performed at Oprah's.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swine Flu in Japan - What about my vacation?

It's too harsh ... really bad out there.

I have wanted to visit Japan this coming July and will begin to process my Japan visa. Right now, with the spread of Swine flu virus in Japan, I am totally backing out my plan.

Last weekend, there was like less than five confirmed cases of infection for which they are Japanese citizens who came from California, USA. They ware immediately quarantined and were given the extensive medical attention. But then, out of nowhere, a high school student was infected at Kobe I believe and from there, the virus has spread. This kid has not had any travels to any country so the only cause might be that someone infected him. Since the virus' symptoms would surface on the second or third day, then he could have transmitted the disease. Right now, in the yahoo news the infection has skyrocketed to 178 and all of which are confirmed cases. Sigh....

I think I will have to postpone my vacation to Japan. It is so bad of a timing. In fact, my friend who will be with me has booked her ticket already. Well good for me, I have not booked my ticket yet as I would like to get a visa first, next week as planned by the both of us.

When I asked her about the trip, she told me that she is still going to Japan this July. Well, it was her decision but I advised her that she should not visit Kobe or Osaka - where the infection right now is; because the plan that we had was like we're going to go to Osaka, Nagasaki, and Tokyo. Tokyo is fine but it's very populous I mean one infection can spread sporadically and chances are, it will spread there eventually. Though the Japanese central government has taken measures but we can't really control everything.

Anyway, it was a bit sad to tell my friend that I won't be going. I really love to see Japan live and raw with all its exquisite culinary, arts, advanced megalopolis in terms of technology and most of all its culture. Sigh again:)

Japan won't go away so I think I will be having future trips there at the right time.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Work Rant : No choice ?

I was so stunned and was really taken aback gulping an ounce of saliva.

When we had a project meeting, I detailed everything what I was doing last week and the things I did today. I then told my project leader that, there was no way for me to know which of the three culprits was responsible of the faulty behavior of validation I was doing. Arggggg. He then told me that there was no design, no documentation and all that. I was given a software to validate and now I have to resolve everything blindly. The pressure is on and it's really tough. The project was made by a third party which the company has no hold of because the contract has ended and that project was passed to me. This is again a serious case of basketball game in the workplace.

Anyway, my project lead told me that I am the one who will fix the issues.

Well it's not simple and it never will be. Aside from the technology which is very new to me and I did studied it but it's no guarantee that I got everything. As I have explained to my project lead, I do not know which things to learn and not to learn, what are the questions to ask and if I have questions, I also do not know how to ask them.

It's a bit frustrating....

Energy, I don't have it anymore, I guess? I was like trying to force myself to work and read all the ISO stuff and all the related standards but nothing would sink in. I was getting tired and sleepy and actually had some moments where I noticed myself shrinking into short naps. The scenario is too embarrassing and very unbecoming for me. Is this a sign of some sort?

I am willing to bet all of my intellectual faculties to this project but then it's not my cup of tea. As I have said, I have vowed to love, to master and explore Java and it's technologies. But, this project is in C/C++ and in Visual Basic. Grrrrr the languages which I am not an expert and languages which I have not sworn to be part of my breathing cells. Even if how demanding my work I was willing to commit if it was all Java. I guess that was one of the reasons why I do not like what I am doing. But most of it, is basically the fact that this project does not have the resources I needed. Another thing is my project lead would always tell me that he expected a lot from me because of my 4 years of experience in software but then he failed to understand that I do not have the advanced knowledge of those languages and technologies and not even the intermediate know-how. I am willing to learn but up to what point? I am actually about to give up this project but I just can't because of the huge risk which will have a major impact not just to myself ....

I guess I have no choice after all. I just need to push myself more and do some stretching more. Hope the strain won't crush me. The challenge is there but then it's not interesting for me - but, I need to do it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fried Kway Teow and Cactus in Holland Village

Instead of worrying much of the swine flu which ultimately be coming soon, because, I've seen on TV that it's in Malaysia already, I just want to appreciate other things life has to offer. My friend and I decided to eat out at a hawker in Holland village here in Singapore. Well, it's another Fried Kway Teow gastronomical feast. The "fried kway teow" has this flat rice noodles which I don't know what's the name exactly, some abalone, green mussel meat, and bean sprouts. The food was prepared with a bit of spiciness and was served hot. It really is a good foody trip, at least for me and my friend.

After we ate, we went checking some magazines on the other side of Holland and read around stuff. Good thing the uncle standing by was not hot tempered with us trying to seemingly sabbotage his business.

Since Jason had to buy some groceries and toiletries, we went to Guardian, a well known pharmacy. We then proceeded to Cold Storage and Jason bought some tissue wraps, a loaf of sliced high fiber wheat bread and other goods. While he was like busy buying stuff that he needed for the next days, I was also checking my way the store's display comparing prices at Fair Price. I ended up tired and looked for Jason and he was like near the counter already.

While waiting, I saw this display of potted plants and what caught my attention was this really cute cacti. I don't know but I like their green spiny but not dangerous pins around its round head. They are just cute in my eyes so I took a photo of it using my SE W705.

Jason finished all of his purchases so then, we walked our way home to our flat.

Singapore is a Soccer nation

I was so amazed! Soccer in Singapore is much like to social yawning. How should I call it; social soccering?

When I went out last night together with my friend to eat at this hawker in Buona Vista, the people dining there had their eyes glues on the big screen. They were actually watching this soccer game. It was joined by all ages. It was fun looking at the crowd cheering for their own teams. It was much like basketball or boxing in the Philippines that people tend to gather just to watch the games.

I don't know who brought the soccer fanaticism in Singapore so I did my own research.

I found out that it started in the year 1892 upon the founding of Singapore Amateur Football Association. Wow it's over a century already. The Singapore team was on the limelight when it won the HMS Malaya cup which I think had sparked people's interest on the game. In that game, they had also many victories against Euro teams. They did not account really if the Euro teams were for invitational but then the Singaporeans has embraced this game so much that the following has gone to its greater heights.

Well, I don't want to write all the history of it in full details so I'd like you to check this site for your self guys: .

Anyway, I find it cool to see people gathering at some place much like a hawker, a very public food place just to watch soccer. As a foreigner, it is pretty much interesting.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Adam and Kris are in for the finals of American Idols

Wow! These two talents made it to the finals, the uniquely talented Adam Lambert and the versatile Kris Allen. My guess was right that it's going to be Mr. Gokey whose gonna say good bye - sad but that was what America decided.

Adam did his breath-taking number that landed him to the finals. Kris Allen made a great number as well in his second song which saved his ass. Though the performance of Mr. Gokey was brilliant, he just had not enough fans to support him. But I still thought he will be out because his voice is similar to that of David Cook.

The two part finale which will be next week will be really exciting, I hope I won't be late because I was like 6 minutes late when I tuned in to American Idols, some few hours ago. Good thing I still saw Jordin Sparks perform.

Since it was Gokey's farewell, surely I would like to share this video of his Idol journey. And thanks again, to youtube for providing us with the videos.

Danny's rendition of the song, "You are so Beautiful". Enjoy guys :)

Well, for the top 2 contestants, may the best talent and the most deserving wins.

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Vesak Day

Even if I am not a Buddhist, I would like to join our friends from Buddhist countries to celebrate Vesak day!

I did a little research and found out that Vesak is an annual celebration of all practicing Buddhists which encompasses the birth, enlightenment Nirvana, and the passing, Parinirvana of Gautama Buddha. According to the tradition old celebration, Vesak is also a means to making special effort to bring happiness to the unfortunate members of our society.

I just thought that this is a great way to share our personal riches or anything to share which will bring happiness to everyone is really cool. It's cooler if we can do it every day, right? It's the coolest if it's according to what our hearts tell us.

Enjoy the rest of the Saturday guys!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

OMG! Allison Iraheta is out of American Idol.

I couldn't believed what my eyes were telling me. It's Allison's final AI journey a.k.a defaced from AI. She is one of those really talented singers I admired in this tough competition. I believe she was able to sing and gave justice to the song last Wednesday compared to Kris' rendition of the Beatles song.

Anyway, as I have said it's the people of America who gets to decide. Sad to say she showed an attitude last night when Simon gave his critique.

Anyway, she deserves a spot in this blog and hope you guys who are reading would not mind watching her clip.

I'd still want to see her perform though. But her curtain in AI has been closed so just good luck to her and hope she can make outside of American Idol. She's young and very talented and she has a long way to go.

Lastly, may the great talent wins. Weeehhhh final three is going to be awesome and I should not miss it {crossing my toes}....

Monday, May 4, 2009

( Pacman vs Hitman ) && Wolverine

Pacman has conquered the world!

It was a great show of talent and skill from the one, the only, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. Ricky "Hitman" Hatton met his absolution last Sunday morning in the form of a straight hook in the first round and at the second round, he was left to lie on the boxing ring by Pacquiao's killer left hook. Pacquiao this time has progressed in an unsurmountable degree with the superb guidance of his coach Freddie Roach. He has won 6 world titles in different weight divisions already which indeed made him to conquer the world boxing hall of fame even more.

In our flat, my housemates and I were left in a frenzy wild cheers on that very Sunday.

After that, it was back to reality. My tourist friend had to prepare for a day's excursion. We went to Centerpoint at Boonlay then to Vivo City at the other tip of NE line. Since my friend loves National Geographic, I brought him to NG's hall. I took a picture of him with the blue whale. We then went to NG's vaults to checkout their goods. After our dinner, we ended up watching the movie of this very famous metal clawed mutant, "Wolverine". It's a great movie. Though fast paced, it was able to capture Wolverine's biopic. I would want to recommend this movie to everyone :)

We went home a bit tired but satisfied:)

Friday, May 1, 2009

I am going to the Changi Airport

Later, I will be going to the airport to fetch a friend arriving from the Philippines. I asked my friend to bring some face masks and told him that Singapore is in Orange Alert which is the highest alert level. But right now, there has been no confirmed or reported case here in Singapore. It's better safe than sorry so I decided to buy some fruits just to boost my immune system, at the nearest grocery in our block. I then went to Guardian, a pharmacy beside the grocery, and was trying to check where can I buy some masks. When I saw two people at the counter, the older woman asked the attendant in her a bit loud voice, about face masks. The attendant told her that they have none already. Geezzzzzzz that sucked. The older woman asked if when will they have some stocks and the attendant replied she did not know. So, I just walked out of the store thinking where can I buy some masks. As I have said, I am going to the airport but it's going to be later so I will have time to look for masks.

Anyway, when I scoured the net, there's already a confirmed case in Korea and Hong Kong. Click the link here to read further. Then I realized, I have team mates who went to Hong Kong for vacation and they will be back by Tuesday I think. Hope they will be safe. Hope they won't be infected and in the process spread the virus.

I think we need to take lots of doses of vitamin C and other immuno boosters. There's no vaccine yet so everyone should be careful.

Last thing, I hope I can get a mask or rather, masks and I mean the earliest time possible. Ciao!

No Naruto but I have colds

I am a regular of Naruto Manga and I am always eager to visit this site every Friday. Yesterday, when I arrived home I hurried to my laptop and got connected online and checked for the latest Naruto episode but there's none. Sigh :) It would have been an interesting feat as Naruto faces the true Pain. I think Naruto would not kill Pain. Waaahhhh! It bored me for like hours so I browsed facebook for hours too, and played some games.

Speaking of games, I am right now addicted to Sudoku in my SE W705. When I knew about Sudoku like ages ago, it did not interest me but then playing it in a mobile is different because I can do it faster. The categories are easy, average, difficult and evil. I tried easy then difficult and I was able to solve most of them but the evil one is really evil. Like last tuesday, I was on a bus ride and was playing Sudoku - evil category; I got so challenged and frustrated at the same time as I was down to the last four or five squares which ofcourse I couldn't solve. I stopped at this food stall to order "fries and fish" and while waiting I was still playing. After the order, I went to our flat which was just a walking distance and still found myself playing Sudoku while walking my way. Upon crossing the street and going to the building's elevator, I was still playing Sudoku. When I arrived in our flat, I stopped just to change prepare my fries and fish, but on the act of eating already, I couldn't help myself and so I grabbed my mobile and continues playing Sudoku. I did not bother to change clothes after dinner and I found myself still playing. It has to stop since I was so trapped already so I let the mobile solve it. If I have other time I will try the evil category again.

Anyhow, I have colds today. I slept like 4AM already today and woke up 11 AM. I think I need to change this sleeping habit which is a bad one. I had bought grapes and four oranges. To help ease these colds, I ate the four oranges after I had breakfast and drank carrot juice. I need for juices and I don't have anything left in our fridge. I think I'll go out later to buy one just to have this colds go away. I did not go to Mexico or met someone from Mexico but I don't know so this is not Swine flu I guess. I think I'll get a bed rest to feel better.