Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sinulog in Cebu - Present!

Forgive me for the very late update, it's because I got busy again from a lot of things.

My latest escapade was I went to Cebu to celebrate Sinulog. It is a religious festival in my hometown and celebrated by the whole island. And because of its vibrancy a lot of Filipinos from other Philippine islands and aliens are enchanted and visit Cebu.

I have missed two celebrations already so I dared not to miss this one. So, I went to Cebu last January 14 and a flight from Singapore to Cebu via AirPhilExpress brought me safely to the beautiful island.

Things I did were, see my family (of course), see my aunts and nephews and nieces, met my college mates and dine with them, checkout my mini house project (thinking of buying a bigger and more beautiful one), went to the cemetery to light some candles, say some prayers and offer roses and chrysanthemums for my mom and sister, went to the Cebu Cathedral and the Sto. Nino Basilica, videoke with friends, clubbing with friends and lastly witness the Sinulog under the drizzle in a humongous crowd (planning to visit for next celebration).

Thank God I was able to do a lot of things and went back to Singapore safely and despite the flu I got, I was able to enjoy my Cebu adventure.

I am planning to visit my country again and this time on a different vacation and it is somewhere north. My leaves were approved last week so the next step is to get a good flight....

By the way, please see the winning performances....

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