Friday, August 10, 2012

Cooking up in Singapore

I will always be with you my baby :)) I mean this blog.

Abandoning is not the right term, maybe a cool off.... But I am the weaker being or maybe the one who has lesser pride for coming back.

The past months have been really dragging :(  Yeah, it felt suffocating a bit.  But yeah I just had to find time to enjoy and thank God's angels for surrounding me with really really nice friends.

Anyway, I joined the Singapore Alumni Association of CIT.  Spent a couple of gatherings with the alumni and had fun - specially the food.  I think I am having a bulging belly and I needed to exercise and for that, I regularly join my friends hiking Macritchie reservoir.  And I've got two very interesting encounters in those treks :)  One was I took out the m&m's from my handy bag since I noticed that there were no monkeys - Macritchie is a not so dense forest in Singapore which has a huge population of monkeys I suppose.  Yeah, I nibble a couple of almond coated chocs and suddenly a middle sized monkey jumped in front of me and to my surprise I threw the nips unto the monkey's face and put the other nips back into my bag.  I guess the monkey was also surprised of my hoarse voice as this monkey was not able to show its fangs.  The other incident was when I had a trek and was like so care free drinking my plus energy drink and as I took the bottle down on my left side there was this monkey suddenly jumped from behind grabbing the plus bottle and I was so horrified because it showed its fangs and next thing I knew was I shouted and threw away the bottle which actually worked because that monkey did not attack me.  It was horrible and my heart was beating to a chase... .  But don't get me wrong, I do not hate them :)) I guess next time I have to be very careful - part of which was my fault so it was all on me :P

Last Thursday, which was the Singapore National Day (Happy birthday Singapore, my 4th time... .) went out on a hiking session with my friends, I met some new friends I guess and they're pretty nice :)  I am a bit silent at first but I think I'll get noisy after I'll get to know them all... .

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I went to another friends' hide out to celebrate their first child's birth month wahahha I do not know what it's called :P  Yeah there was some singing and of course feasting some home cooked stuff :) All of the food we had were delicious and I got bloated and had a sudden urge to take comfort at the loo =))  for over eating .

For my next vacation, I'll be going back to Cebu (again) this coming October. This vacation will be all about birthdays :)  my brother's, my dad's and my cutie Theia, I hope she will not be scared of me anymore but yeah she's still a kid so I guess I'm an Ogre =))  I am also meeting my friend to push through with our planned charity organization helping some poor kids in our city - hopefully this works :D

Oh this coming September, MJ is visiting me in Singapore and we will surely have some fun!  I am uber excited I can puke =))

I have bought one of the greatest RPG - Diablo 3!

And I still get bored ... .


Cashmere said...

Hey u...
I don't know if you still remember me but it's been a really, really long time since I last visited your blog and even my own.. lol!

Truth be told, I abandoned my blog.. (yes, abandoned :P) and eventually due to some unforeseen circumstance, it was put down.. haha! So dramatic!

I'm glad you're having a great time and I visited that reservoir once but I had a good experience with the monkeys though.. I really enjoyed their company :P

Anyway, nice "seeing" you again.. I'll be sure to holler when I get back up.

xgenesis007 said...

Hi Cashmere,

Yup2 I still remember you :D So welcome back! Hopefully your blog will be up soon....

Thanks by the way for visiting my blog again ;)