Saturday, December 19, 2009

8 days in Cebu

I realized the 8 days I spent with family and friends in Cebu was not enough just when my flight via SilkAir went off the runway. There was a nostalgic feeling of everything about my hometown. Even so, I was happy with the vacation as it was a great opportunity for me to see and appreciate the fun and great life I had.

The activities I did in Cebu were dining again and again with friends and also some clubbing courtesy of MJ. Since I missed some home-cooked meals, I had my dad cooked food for us. I bought the sweetest mangoes ever in the face of the planet. I was so surprised that there was an organ in our house and my brother plays with it nicely. He even played a classic song and some piano rendition of Jason Mraz's music. I also had some bit of shopping for myself and for my family. Also bought some delicacies and the various snack foods for my officemates at Gemalto Singapore. I was actually planning to go to some beaches which Cebu is also famous for but there was not just enough time for that. I also visited churches within the metro Cebu to pay homage and also took silent moments for personal prayers. There was just so many things to do for a short period of time but I am so grateful with the vacation I had.

I am planning for a vacation this Sinulog which is a huge and fantabulous festival in Cebu but there was a change in plans. So, this trip back to Cebu will be rescheduled for the next months of 2010. I am so excited of what's going to happen.

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