Thursday, February 4, 2010

She's resigned....

Our officemate and a teammate at the same time has recently tendered her resignation. She has been in Gemalto for two years and I knew her for just over a year. I can a bit relate to her because for the 5 years of work experience I had, I also have gone to so many companies. In effect, I knew how it goes and how it really felt to leave and to be left. I know some of her personal reasons and it's kind of really private so my gut is sealed. Somehow it was fun having her in our team especially the foods which she oftentimes place in our cube's center table, ready to be shared to the team.

Anyway, our team organized a video montage of sorts. We had this officemate's camera rolling and we videoed some clips of farewell in different languages. I took the liberty of saying it in Tagalog, and there were translations in Indonesian, Mandarin, Hindi, Thai and English. It's really fun and there were some bloopers during the shoot. Other teams who belong to the same R&D software engineering dept. had some skit.

Just after lunch today, all the males in the team danced to the tune of single ladies. It was really fun. After that, all the members of this particular team in Gemalto had the last farewell clip.

Tomorrow, we will all gather for a dinner at Plaza Singapura, in an Indonesian restaurant.

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