Friday, March 12, 2010

Ikea stuff

I've got a lot of Ikea stuff in my room. We just moved in to our new place for like two weeks already and I have been buying some stuff.

Since I had some extra savings, I decided to buy a new single mattress, bed frame made of metal and wood materials, and a two door wardrobe / cabinet. But these things were not from Ikea. Hence, these are from the furniture stores in Sungei Kadut. They have these gazillions of warehouse and even factory outlets of all home furnishings.

Immediately after an eight-hour battle in the office, I went to Ikea to buy bed stuff. Since I was hungry and it's time for dinner, I just went to the Ikea food corner and had my dinner. I ordered poached salmon, two sumptuous chicken wings and California orange juice. I think I ate too much because after that I had to go to the toilet - believe me it's crazy. After that moment, I went to the ground floor of the building to check the bed stuff. I decided I needed a door mat so I got one, I thought I need a new pillow so I got one. I actually planned to get a new bed cover or sheet so I took one. I thought I needed a quilt, so I went to the opposite side of the bed sheets section to get a quilt. When I passed by the curtain section, I thought I needed some blinds or a curtain would actually suffice so I was like busy checking things in that area and I then realized that there was no way for me to dig some holes or hang the clips for the blinds as the owner of the flat do not want us to borrow some nails or anything on walls. So I decided not to get one and planned to just check the window in my room of what to do with it. I then passed by the bathing towel's on sale and so I thought the towels I had were faded and felt old which deserves replacement, so I got one for myself. It felt so heavy as I was carrying the whole bed stuff purchases in a sack sling bag. Well, the counter was a bit far from the section where I was so I decided to drag the whole thing on the floor unmindful of the people around me. I arrived at the counter safe and sound ;) After I paid everything, I just went home. I thought of getting a cab but the queue is really long, which is actually just normal, I decided to go walk again to the nearest bus stop. I know that, I will have to walk after alighting at Buona Vista as there was no direct bus going to our new place. I saw a taxi stand and there were like few people queuing but then there was no taxi around not even a shadow. So I proceeded to the bus stop. I had this receipt from Ikea food corner and the receipt from the Ikea bed stuff so I rolled that in the plastic handle because my hands were complaining already. Good thing the bus arrived after 5-7 minutes of waiting. It took me around 15 - 20 minutes to get to our flat. Good thing I did not have blisters in my sole and in my palm. Jason was just there in the sala eating some turnips. I felt thirsty so I grabbed three slices and was not satisfied so I took another two. After I changed clothes, I tuned into American Idol. American Idol is a bit disappointing. Anyway, I had to fix my bed stuff and clean my room and do all the things. Aim and shoot, see my new Ikea stuff :D

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Cashmere said...

Moved again?
Where is it this time around?
Happy Monday! :)