Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pablo D. Ayo Sr., Amazing Man of Science

I was so amazed upon reading the story of Mr. Pablo D. Ayo Sr. He is a Filipino scientist and devoted his life towards the betterment of humanity, I must say. He was born to a poor family in Sorsogon. Worse, Pablo's parents died when he was young. That made him decide to work harder and send himself to school. At an early age he has this keen interest in Science and Technology which can be called an obsession, I supposed. He infact went to manila and worked part time while studying at Arellano University taking up Bachelor of Science majoring Physics. He joined this engineering competition, where his entry was flying miniature planes, and won. With this, he landed to Princeton University for further study. He had consultancy job at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). He had some patents under his name. Very interesting inventions are the mini hydro plant, the phonograph, photon-run car and tidal generator amongst others.

Currently, the Philippines had the highest power cost in Asia second to Japan. The great deal about it is that, it's making my country less competitive when it comes to foreign direct investors (FDI). Another thing is that, the southern part of the Philippines which is the Mindao group is currently having some power shortages which is due to El Nino - drying up some hydro-electric power plants. People, government, academe, private sectors are coming up solutions like putting up coal-powered power plants, geothermal plants, solar and wind power plants and others wanting to have nuclear power plants. To my thought, why not the tidal generator developed by Mr. Pablo Ayo Sr.? The tidal generator is fitting to the country for it is surrounded by huge bodies of water, no fallout from a nuke plant, reliable as the sea will always be there. This can be very useful in other countries nearing the sea like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan and many others. So maybe these countries will have joint projects to harnessing the technology. The reliance to oil will be lesser and the air pollution or smog caused by oil and petroleum usage will be lessened in the cities, thus lowering green house. Waaaaahhh! Leaders with strong political power, where are you?

Thanks to Mr. Pablo D. Ayo Sr., and we were given some great alternatives. I think, he deserves some accolades for his contributions to society in general. I wish I could be like him in someway, able to give back to society fro the betterment of all.

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