Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The thought of it gave me chills

The Philippine elections last May 10 has steamed off. My vote went to Gilbert Teodoro whom I believe, is the most capable and qualified. I was having doubts because of his association with Gloria whom I voted as well, but prior to this final decision of mine, I was really thinking of voting for Noynoy Aquino, just for the mere fact that he was full of idealism and spirit, and I for one felt his sincerity. I was almost convinced but when I researched on information about all of the presidentiables, I found Gibo to be the best man.

After the voting process, I was so jittery and really waited for all the news about the results. The leading candidate is Noynoy followed by Estrada.... What ??? It's a huge WTF!!!! The thought of it all Estrada who garnered some 8 million votes as of latest tally gives me chills.

Everything happened for a reason indeed. God still loved my country and so grateful for this for not letting Estrada win it all. And for those who voted for Estrada, good luck to them.... I may understand that they pity the person of what happened who they loved for whatever reason but not to the point of reappointing him. For goodness sake this is not one of his movies - this is REALITY.

Anyway, Gibo is ranked fourth but I still believed in his idea of change and all the logical and clear platform of government. I think I can give Noynoy a chance and support him and make all his best effort to deliver his platform of which the majority of the voters believed.

Grrrrr .... It still gave me chills....

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