Sunday, May 30, 2010

American Idol and Sex in the City 2

Well the recently concluded American Idol 2010 had Lee as it's winner and oh I like Crystal than him. Even so, Lee is also vocally talented and yeah people of America loved him so there, he emerged as the winner. Well, good luck to both artists.

Anyway, I went out with friends to watch Sex in the City 2. This movie never failed to make me really really laugh. I like Samantha portrayed by Kim Catrall because of her really outlandish and woman - trying to live life with age as not a hindrance to celebrating life. Well the funny Charlotte and the nerdy fashionista in Miranda also made the movie really fun. Not to forget, the not so usual life of " the " Carrie Bradshaw, makes all the movie even fun to watch.

After watching the movie at Tiong Bahru Plaza, we went to Holland Village for an hour of chit-chat at Coffee Bean cafe. We had some cakes and regular chocolate drink. It was like really refreshing updating each and everyone's life - future travel and plans definitely were not a miss.

We went home at around 3AM and ofcourse, I was not able to sleep that early as again I played DOTA. This is a mild addiction I guess....

Planning to watch Prince of Persia today ;) Hope you guys had a great weekend and have fun :D

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