Thursday, June 3, 2010

Smoking, Smokin', or smoKING ?

Yeah whatever you call it, it still is a health hazard -smoking. What's outrageous about is that, a young boy in Indonesia was condoned to doing it. Young boy would mean at the age of 18 months and since, has gotten an addiction. Watch this:

What do you think?

Aside from the parents who has the sole responsibility, it should also include the government. This does not include just in Indonesia, but to the rest of the countries who care for their loved ones and their people.

In the Philippines, smoking is really cheap and even if there is a law banning youngsters to not engage in this activity and a law banning smoking in public places, people would just shrug off and care less. For me I would not mind if they don't blow the smoke to somebody else if smokers inhaling everything, but it's not just the case. Maybe a deterrent is to tax these vices higher (200 - 500%).

Anyway, goodluck to everyone smokers and non-smokers alike - whose going to stand long ....

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