Monday, January 21, 2013

Singapore River Cruise { feeling like a tourist }

As promised, I began my journey as a tourist here in Singapore - short for a bum with some small cash to spare :P

Just this morning, I talked to a financial planner.  He was referred by another financial planner whom I've met last year who offered me some investment and insurance, which I politely declined.  Anyway, we met at Bishan Junction 8 where we had morning tea, rather I had tea and him coffee.  Well he started explaining about a simple savings scheme which got my interest honestly but then, I just let him explained to me all the rest of the plan.  He asked me if I had an investment and I said yes, I do have two, one is savings life insurance and the other is an investment life insurance.

Anyway, I asked him if they have something which is purely investment, which he also showed to me.  Basically, I agreed to the appointment because I am interested to learn more about financial planning which I honestly told him at the start of the talks.

Then I also informed him that I already resigned from my work and that even if I am interested, I'd not be able to get one.  Then our talk went to exploring Japan and then into photography and stuff.  Yup, photography it is! And he told me that it's good to take photos at Marina Bay around 6 - 7:30 PM.

After we shook hands, I'd thought of why not going to Marina Bay instead of Kreta Ayer, where old shop houses dating back colonial times... ?

Anyway, here's a sampler of my first photo session and my goodness, 5PM is overly summer in Singapore.

Cruise Captain

Marina Bay Sands
Makan Sutra

The Fullerton
Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay CBD
Cooking my food

Spare ribs noodle

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