Friday, February 8, 2013

Gardens by the Bay {feeling like a tourist}

This is probably the last part of me feeling like a tourist here in Singapore.  Yes, I am saying adieu to Singapore as I will be going back to Cebu.

I have already bought my tickets with silkair.  I have packaged my books and some outfits via LBC (freight).  So I am off to go.

Gardens by the bay was buil to create an artificial exposition of various flowers in a tropical setting within a controlled environment.  It was Mamul who suggested the place and since I have never been there, I agreed without any protestation.

Though thee place was man-made, its actually a nice place to visit.  I just do not have enough dollars to get inside though but the view outside is equally pleasurable.

Anyway, here are the last pics I took when I visited the Gardens by the Bay.  This man-made garden is actually just a stone throw away from Marina Bay Sands.  You just to alight from the Bayfront station and find your exit to the gardens.

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