Friday, February 1, 2013

Somewhere in Orchard {feeling like a tourist}

I went to Orchard again.  The plan of the day was to checkout some cargo shipping to Cebu from Singapore.  At lucky plaza, where most Filipinos would send their monies, I found LBC.  LBC is a Filipino freight company and they have an office in Singapore. The last time I went to Lucky Plaza I couldn't find the place. 

For air express service, my 30 kilos will cost me around 240 SGD, quite expensive!  And I asked the teller about the size of the box and she told me that the one displayed is for sea cargo so they needed to weigh first my stuff which by the way I have to bring to their office as they are going to check it themselves and the pricing will be per kilo.  I think I'm gonna go for the sea cargo.  Anyway, most of the stuff which I'm gonna be sending will be books both read and unread.  The price for sea cargo will be 50% less SGD so I can save on that but then the draw back will be the delivery time - like it's gonna be some 25 freaking days.  I'm okay with it actually, since I have to at least save a bit :)

After the long inquiry with that kind lady who answered all of my questions, I went out and began the shoot.  But before I took a lot of pictures, I decided to buy again the flavor of the road ice cream bar wrapped in bread - this is by the way a Singapore style of eating some ice cream which is actually a must try.  It will cost you a jaw dropping 1 SGD ;)

Here are my pics for the day:

After some long walks, I got tired and checkout the movies at the Cathay.  I watched "The Expatriate". The movie is average I would say and there were moments that it felt dragging and the story is a bit long for a simple plot.  The movie was somewhere along the line of Jolie's "Salt" but with less action and drama.  I actually wanted more action and thrill :D

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