Sunday, April 27, 2014

Awesome Boracay

Last weekend, I went to Boracay.  It's an island at the north of Aklan which is less than an hour by ferry.  From Cebu,  you can take a plane going to Caticlan or Kalibo.  Iloilo is also possible but you will need to have 5 hours of bus ride.  I went with friends so the word fun was part of the package.  This trip was new to me.  Not that I have not been to Boracay but with the people I spent this vacation with.  The trip was really tiring in itself to be honest but even if it was that really tiring, everything went well.  To say that I had a blast is not enough!

We pigged out!

We took some adventure rides!

We enjoyed the sunset!

We partied all night!

We drunk a lot!

We laughed a lot!

We had too much caffeine!

We slept late!

We woke up late!

We strolled a lot!

Most of all, we cam whored (wink2x) excessively!

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