Thursday, June 26, 2014

Camiguin in my bucketlist

After that Boracay escapade with new found friends, my energy for travel hasn't waned yet. Well I was planning for an adventure to the south of the country.  The last vacation I had to Mindanao was when I was a first grader. It was not a vacation technically but rather to attend a funeral.  It was my first time to ride a plane and a first time with PAL.  Well this time around, yeah in the first to fifth of May, I had my first solo travel and definitely a bucketlist.  I flew to Camiguin :)

Camiguin is an Island closer to Mindanao than the Visayas region and the people there speaks Cebuano.  It was a backpack travel.  I only had with me my camera, a knapsack, a camera, some cash, and my roud trip open jaw plane tickets.

I had to wake up at around 4am on that faithful day.  I was excited and fearful.  But my confidence was so high nevertheless to conquer my first solo travel.  I was a bit nervous when I waited for my flight knowing that the plane I am gonna be in will be a turbo prop type.  It was small and the fact that the flight crew was weighing everyone made it all jittery.  I recalled that before the crew gave me my ticket, she offered me another ticket round trip, anywhere I like, anytime, if I opted to cancel my flight.  I thought of it for two seconds. Apart of me wanted to back out but my heart acted on itself and commanded my mouth to say no. And there you go everything was set on the roll.  When it was time to board, we were fetched by a bus.  The sunset was so beautiful; it's fiery - the kind you see in movies and it jolted my stomach. It was a bit unexplainable and I suddenly realized to take out my camera to document this holy journey of mine.  I panicked.  I couldn't get my camera to turn on.  I checked and the batteries weren't there.  I tapped my forehead a bit as I recalled I was charging my cam to full battery before I left.  I did not lose hope and in my blue pouch I found a dangling wire with the charger and the battery in it. Such was a great relief.  I put in the battery and began flicking my camera.  The  bus trip was fast so I couldn't get hold of any good photo. But I managed to get some few shots.  Right upon this moment, it's my first time to really see the photos as I was trying to conserve the battery at that time which made me  thought not to browse the photographs I took.

 It was good 30 minutes ride in the plane and I was greeted with Camiguin airport which was so cute.  I do not know where to go when we landed and the first mission was to find a place where to drop my belongings.  I was not expecting a nice place but then I realized it has to be decent enough to sleep.  I took a motorella its how they called the trike going to a recommended hotel, GV hotel.  I did not have really a lot of time to look for another place so I said yes to the room which is 450 pesos a night. I asked the receptionist how to get around and he offered my an island tour whole day and all the attractions for 800pesos in a motorbike with a driver.  I told him I was not interested in touring all the spots I just wanted to see the most of the beautiful attractions there is and so he agreed for 500pesos.  I am not that stingy but I try to negotiate as much as possible.  So there, after I put all my belongings inside my room, changed clothes and took some bites of otap (biscuits) I went down of the hotel ready and pumped.

Mission of that day were white island, sunken cemetery, station of the cross, the ruins and lastly the majestic katibawasan falls.  Oops! It is my first time to learn doing some selfies and I felt I terribly did some injustice to it.  And I was so surprised to eat some sea urchins :P After the white island adventure I had my first official station of the cross all the way to the sky as it was on the mountain side.  The hike was tiring, and at times would shook my knees but then I went on and took the challenge.  I went to the ruins of when the volcano in the island erupted.  Then to the sunken cemetery and lastly to ever gorgeous katibawasan falls.
To be continued ....

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