Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day isn't for lovers.

Yesterday, Olga, Mamul and I had a chance to actually celebrate Valentines as single and available individuals.

We went to Novena church and said our simple prayers at around 6PM and went to Chin Hua Live Seafood - a steamboat restaurant just across the street. Mamul had a tongue for delicious food so I guess that's why she also suggested the place. You guys have to be very patient though because people were in a queue. If I am not mistaken, we queue ourselves for about 15 minutes or more. When it was our time to be served, it was kind of exciting as it was an eat all you can food house.

The waiter guided us where to sit. It was the second table at the right side of the main entrance and we were like at the hallway. Basically the place was crowded and there was obviously no air condition. The fact that we were like cooking the food we eat, much like Japanese shabu-shabu, made it even a little hotter. Going to our exciting belly feast, the two girls decided to take the food and I was left on the table to see things. The waiter actually had set up the steamboat cooker. It was actually getting a little paranoid because the gas tank was beside me and just "what if" something might go wrong.

Any way, these two girls were actually carrying this plates of seafood. It looks not much but when we started to dip this and that, it came out plentiful. It was a Valentines feast. Our faces were very sweaty. We actually spent 2 hours in that dinner of ours. Everything has a price though and it would cost 25SGD per person. Kind of expensive for a meal but very much sumptuous and well deserved. I was wondering if ever the waiters have noticed us that we were really like taking time on that meal and if they were furious already because were like just plain talking and laughing so we could rest a bit. It was gluttony already for the simple reason that the final food which were these live shrimps and three half piece of crab were difficult to finish. But we have to because there's this 15% charge on food wastage.

What added the more fun is that, Mamul gave us Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a cactus. Ofcourse one for me and another one for Olga. We were actually in gratitude for that and thanks to Mamul. After a long belly feast, we decided to watch a movie. We planned to watch at Dhoby Ghaut. We then walk away from that indulgence (hehehehe) and went for a bus ride going to our next destination.

We arrived at Dhoby Ghaut at around 9:30 and we decided to walk so that we can can bur$n the food we just ate? Yeah we did and it was quite a long stroll. We decided to watch "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".

Since the showing will be at 11:30, we just walk around the store and I purchase a bracelet at Otakuhouse. We also had this wishlist game. We wrote some of our best wishes to our close friends. After that, it was viewing time....

It was an interesting movie and a good one. I can't spoil this one for those who have not watched it so I will leave it at that. One thing I did not like was the Cinema at Plaza Singapura. The screen was like at the top and the seats are not in a riser. We just thought that we will have a not-so-serious case of stiff neck after the movie. Anyway thanks again to Mamul for the treat. Imagine Mamul got so generous on that day. Sigh :) I wish everyday is Valentines. Hehehehe.

We actually got out of that movie house around 2AM and there were no more regular buses. We decided to just stroll the street of Orchard. We were aching tired. Wahahahha. But had a ton of fun. We then decided to call it day or no, another day :P Taxi ride was a bit expensive for us but we had no choice.

I was actually thinking of changing the title to my firsts something because it's my first time to watch a movie here in Singapore, my first time to eat at steamboat and my first time to visit the Novena church. But, it was all for the glory of our singles date in Valentines day and I shall leave it at that.


Bhing said...

Valentine's day isn't really only for lovers.. It is also for family and for friends.. Me and my friends had a black valentine's celebration last night.. lol

xgenesis007 said...

That's great Bhing. Hope you had fun with your celebration :)

~ay-ay~ said...

hahah... maka relate man sad ta ana!

Cashmere said...

Yeah.. I didn't celebrate it but well, that day I went out with friends as well.. :)

p/s: Your EC seems to be stagnant.. Do u by any chance need any help?

xgenesis007 said...

wahihihi nge abi nako uyab to nimo katong imong kuyog sa una wahahaha=))

As long as it was with clean fun that's cool already :)

Anonymous said...

Great writeup on Singapore. I love the place too, especially its local food. Though it can be abit too spicy at times. Thats singapore tourism for you. =)

Solo said...

That was a great celebration ha?!
I just love the way you celebrate the hearts day..=)

xgenesis007 said...

Hope you had some great time during V-Day:)