Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A little bored then from messy and having to sing "Linger"

Yes, I am a little bored. For the past month already, I have been reading so many documents and did not have any programming action. Sometimes I would be very sleepy and since I have hypertension, I can't take coffee as it is really bad. This week would have been the actual development and testing of the codes and let me elaborate.

Last Monday, I should have been doing the code verification with the hardware but then the usb connector from the hardware to my workstation is missing. I was just amazed at how did the verification team tested it and so then I knew, they have not done any test yet. Today, my technical lead was able to secure a cable for the hardware and when I have to test it, it is not working. When we tried to debug it, it does not have any proper logging so I suggested that we try to access directly the hardware through the code examples in the manual. I actually have the code already so we just need to run the code in debug mode. The thing is it prompted us that it's evaluation product has expired already. It was a little frustrating for me though I did not show it to my technical lead. Hoping things would get better and brighter with this project.

Still today, I had to go to the infamous Lucky Plaza to send money for my brother's tuition. Going there was a tough one hour ride and walk. I arrived at the remittance center just on time as they were about to clos e in about 30 minutes. My after-office itinerary was succesful as I was able to send money. Then I went to McDonalds after that to eat dinner. It was kind of messy. When I got my order I proceeded to the condiments section and got a ketchup and when I pressed the machine it all splattered into my hand. I was so clumsy and I felt stupid. Anyway, I just pretended that nobody was looking at me and I just got so many tissue paper to clean my hands. I did not even bother to go the wash room. So messy I was during that moment. Anyway I let it pass since I was so hungry already. I ate and finished everything in a snap. My stomach was satisfied with that chicken burger and fries plus the unhealthy soda.

After that simple dinner or was it even a dinner, I went to a bus station bound to Ghim Moh which is my place. It was a big bus so went to the rear seat at the second floor or deck of the bus. I was the only one there and it felt so lonely. I then remembered the song "Linger" by The Cranberries. Just want to share also this video, of one of my very fave band:

That's it for this day guys :)

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