Saturday, July 25, 2009

UFO Catcher, Obsessively Good

Yeah guys you are right. I am Genesis and I'm admitting to be addicted with UFO Catcher. Well, let me explain why.

I love the thrill and fun. I like to win. I like it when I'm with friends too. For all those reasons, UFO Catcher has it all. I played with this UFO Catcher machines with like minded friends. It's winnable especially when you have the right skills and it's fun winning. It is full of thrill when the toy seemed to be dropped at the hole in any corner of the machine and it's all the more exciting when at the time of dropping the toy being caught, it bounces and do some somersaults and then slides itself to the hole. See my point? LOLS =))

Anyway, yesterday was "our" UFO Catcher day. Should I give emphasis on the pronoun "our" or the word "UFO Catcher"? Ah, never mind! After my one hour gym at Fitness First, I went home riding a taxi just to make it on time as my friends were waiting for me. To my surprise they were not that much ready. Well, I had to take a bath again as I did not have a good bath at the gym. My friends were actually done right after I finished on the shower and on the otherhand, Wengs our new recruit was furiously calling Jax already. What's the furious about? It's like this. Jax told Wengs to go to City Hall at around two and we will get her from there. It was already 2:30 and we were still at our flat. I had to jump up a bit so we could go and it was already 2:45 and Wengs has waited for like an hour already when we arrived at City Hall MRT station. Razel was also there. We then went together to Bedok and from there, rode a bus going to East Coast Park.

We've heard that, at the second level of a certain building where Burger King is situated, there is a UFO Catcher center, well not really a center but an arcade house. We checked that out first and found it to be true but the machines when we checked them were clearly rigged as stoppers were all over the place. I was so hungry by that time as I did not have my lunch yet so we decided to eat at Sub-Way. We took their cheapest combo meal except for Razel, as she had her lunch right before we came to East Coast Park. After the meal, well obviously everyone was excited as seen in our big fat faces. Wahahaha! Well our faces would have those disticnt features if we spoke of UFO Catchers and playing with it. We played this sureball machine and I won two toys, Yayen won three and Jason won one toy. Since we have spent like some hours in that machine, we headed to the beachfront. It was not the best beach front moments as Singapore is very poor in that aspect but it was still okay. We had some mini picture taking and ofcourse some chit-chat. After like 30 minutes of jest and tricks, we went back to the UFO Catcher center and since the toys were not in the right positions, we decided to just play bowling. We had to have bowling since everyone do not want to go for a bike and we also need to be hungry again because the plan was like UFO Catcher and eat-all-you-can at this steam boat food section nearby the UFO Catchers. I guess it's 200 meters away. So we headed for the bowling complex and played two sets of game. By the way, we had to purchase a pair of socks individually. When the first game ended, I ranked second from Jason and on the next game, I ranked first this time. Yayen's move amazed me because she can make a lette C with her serves. I would like to also know how to do that. Anyway, we actually knew how to play bowling because back in our college days at the Cebu Institute of Technology, we would play like twice or thrice in a month at this cozy bowling center at SM Mall in Cebu. I said cozy because their facility is way much better than the one they have at East Coast Park. We ended up a bit tired and so we decided to go to the steam boat. But, the place was still crowded so Razel got a reservation and then we went to the UFO Catcher center again. We played a bit and we won some small stuff toy. After that our reservation was ready and so we headed for our planned belly feast. I took lots of fish and shrimp. My friends took some great stuff as well. One thing I noticed is that they have less variety compared to the one I had at Novena. Anyway, as for the price of it of 13.90 SGD, not just your tummy will jump up of joy but also your wallet. It was fun cooking and eating and talking all sorts of things - hope people around us were not annoyed at our created noise. I guess people don't seem to care as nobody complained. We finished the meal with home made ice cream. After we were satisfied with that late dinner, we headed back to where else, but to the UFO Catcher machines. We had some few tries and we ended up winning toys for Razel and Wengs. Then we tried at this big stuff toy. I just learn a new trick with it watching the guy played. Jason told me that they had seen that technique at Iluma when they had a chance to play there. Well it was very much easy to understand the trick so I tried it myself and I won a Doraemon. Yayen tried it herself as well but left to four dollars in her purse. I volunteered to continue as she seemed to have lost her confidence. After the last penny I got her a brown Doraemon in that same UFO Catcher. Heheheehe. We decided to go home as it was very late. In fact, there were no buses already going to each of our places and that would include night buses. So we decided to take a taxi.

We came home a bit exhausted but full of smiles and fun. This is I think a serious case of being, shallow? No, I refute. This is a simple way of having fun with friends.


Cashmere said...

lol! You just can'tt help it can you? Now I hope you don't finish up all the prizes there.. ;P

Anonymous said...


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You can post and link to your site/blog.

Jacqueline Reischel

Believe Achieve - Hugo and Roxanne said...

God Bless, former President Aquino and her family. She's done great deeds for the people of the Philippines. She still lives in the hearts of many.
Thank you for sharing the videos. Just watched the first one and can literally feel the emotion in the room. Her introduction and the applause was so heartfelt.

Thank you again. Have a Blessed Week!

Many Blessings....

Roxanne and Hugo
Believe Achieve

xgenesis007 said...

Hi Roxanne and Hugo,

Thanks for visiting my blog.
You're right, she will be loved by the Filipino people for her strength, unwavering courage and love of God.

Have a nice day to you and a blessed week :)