Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tipsy in Singapore with wine and vodka

Yesterday was my first time to be tipsy here in Singapore and it was amazingly weird. We bought a bottle of wine and two bottles of vodka. All for what ? hehehehe The nostalgia of being a bit tipsy I guess.

When we finished the wine, we felt that we need more so I went to the fridge where I hid my two mini bottles of sauvignon and chardonnay. That was it, things got unruly and found ourselves dancing. I sometimes would laugh out loud and then just sit on the couch or the floor while my housemates continued dancing and following some choreography in youtube. We would pause a bit for a kampai and then dance again. We made sure everything were closed so we won't be receiving any complaints from our neighbors. When another bottle was dried up, our housemate who is on vacation from Cebu came and she was a bit shocked of she has witnessed. Well she couldn't have complained much as we gave her a group hug and then we offered a shot glass to her.

We wrap things up when it was like around 1AM and mind you guys we still have work some hours later. It ended up nice and smooth. I guess everyone had a nice sleep.


Cashmere said...

LOL! I guess you guys had a blast and lots of laughs.. :)

Marc Carlin, "The NYC Hypnotist" said...

This would've been a great youtube moment for you. Too bad you didn't tape it. Or did You?