Friday, July 31, 2009

Cory Aquino, an Icon of Democracy

We Filipinos owe democracy which was stolen by the dictatorial regime of Marcos, to Corazon Aquino. I personally thank her for her great strength in doing so. I personally admired her of her courage and spirit to do what is right despite all the adversities with all of those adversaries surrounding her. The Filipino people has once again restored within themselves dignity and pride taken by the oppression from it's highest leader then, F. Marcos. The Filipino people has once again, became and will become prouder people of this universe.

I was awake like around 12noon as I had slept late. I am supposed to do some informal accounting of house bills and when I open my laptop, and open my browser checking my yahoo mail, there I saw in the front page that former President Cory Aquino, lost her physical battle of colon cancer. In this regard, I was looking for youtube videos about her. Then I saw her speech to the US Congress which for me was inspiring. I'd like to share this three part videos of that great speech of a woman full of valor, integrity and piety to God.

1st video here:

2nd video here:

3rd video here:


Cashmere said...

I don't know her but I saw the news on TV yesterday.. I see nothing but great praises for her and therefore I think she must be a great lady.. May she RIP..

xgenesis007 said...

Yeah she is one of those great women of the world. Hope her legacy will stay alive for a long long time.