Monday, August 10, 2009

Long weekend, it's Singapore National Day

I had a long weekend and I needed to have some activities. I don't want to stock myself to a pile of people to the venues where Singapore is celebrating the National Day. For one thing, I am not a Singaporean and another one, their parade do not looked fun at all. I guess to some extent yes but not most of the time.

Well, what better way to do it is go to the mall and buy some stuff. Right after some fun stuff at home like facebooking, watching some funny episodes of the geeky Big Bang Theory and also some cleaning stuff (not so fun at all), I decided to take a quick bath and headed to Orchard district. I had to send money by the way to the Philippines since it's examination time for my brother and also some bills they needed to pay there, so that was the first order of the day outside the premise of our flat. After queuing at the money remittance center, I went to Wisma mall to check a good travelling bag. There's Esprit and they sell a travelling bag which was actually on bargain but I think it was too bulky. So I just walked around and then found myself at the Nike shop. There were less choices so I went out and checked the other Nike store. Since I had to pass by at Takashimaya, I also checked there and found none of my taste. Since my friends and I are planning for a beach vacation, I decided to check some board shorts. The one I had was old and has holes on it which one could peep. Anyway, I bought this nice and simple looking board short from Speedo. After that, I went out of this huge Takashimaya store and went to venture out to this newly opened Nike shop. There was nobody in the store except for the two attendants. I just proceeded where the bags were and saw nothing of my type. Then walk around and about and saw this nice sling bag. I did not care for the price and just told the attendant that I will get it. And when he checked that there was no stock, I opted to look for another bag. I then found this another bag which was in acid gray color which looked to me, nice. I don't know what has gotten me but the color of the bag and the board short I bought were all in the shades of gray. I got all things in.... It was actually a planned purchase somehow as I have said I will be traveling.

Anyway, I saw on posters that G.I Joe is showing in cinemas so, I proceeded to Plaza Singapura and got a ticket for myself. Since the movie will start at 9PM and my tummy is growling already, I went to the food court. I ordered food from this Indonesian stall. It was actually chicken in barbecue sauce with rice in a honey glazed gravy. It's good and had fun with that meal. I still had a lot of time to savour before the movie started so I went around and found myself in this otaku store. I bought a pair of naruto slippers wahahhaha. I find them cool and cute so I bought a pair. When the clock struck near 9, I went to the cinema and the movie has not started yet. It's a bit eerie as I was the first viewer to have come in. Literally, the place is empty. In order for my imagination not to run wild, I decided to play bowling on mobile. Suddenly, there was a rush of viewers already. People were starting to pack this small movie house. The movie was in cinema 1. I had fun with the movie but there was this OA scene. I guess all movies have this certain OAness or a bit of some corny part. Overall, the movie was interesting. I am not sure if the movie followed the original part but I could see there parts that sounded familiar. Anyway, for two hours and 10SGD it was worth it because I got excited and had a laugh at some part. Good thing they have billed this funny Marlon Wayans. After the movie, it was the time to go home. I rode a bus and arrived around 12.... I got hungry so I ate again.

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