Saturday, August 15, 2009

My friend died from Lupus

My friend came here in Singapore to work - seeking greener pasture and give a better life for her family. She applied at an agency and got accepted at company **Tooooooot** located at **Toooooot** . She worked for almost two months here but she got sick.


Then, she decided to go on sick leave but she did not inform her company that she was going home to the Philippines. In the Philippines, she spent only two weeks and last weekend, she was admitted to the hospital and was in ICU last night. Then she lost her life today, August 16, 2009.

All of us in our flat were in shock and some of my friends cried upon hearing the news. That was all we could do, just wept.

To my *tooot* , her *toooot* was *tooot* by the *tooot* *tooot* she had at T***t. All about lupus can be found in this wikipedia entry:

I don't like to talk about it but I have to. This is for all people to know that stress really is a silent killer. As much as possible we need to avoid it. If things get toxic, be it the boss, the work or any situation for that matter, try to get out of it first for a few hours and allow ourselves to breathe and then go back to it once recharged. We should not forget to also eat healthier and never ever forget to exercise.

I pray that she meets our Divine Creator and she be at peace for eternity. Hope she would be able to seek the light and face God.

We were friends since college days and I know she is a good friend and person. She is very responsible and in fact, she is the bread winner in the family. Hope and pray that her family will be able to survive this great burden that has come along their way. May God carry her body and gave her all the comfort she did not have when she walked on earth.

What a loss.... God bless to everyone.

The toot's(*******) there were made because originally I placed the actual company name and address here in Singapore but they called my friend and my friend who is ever innocent asked her who I was and they threatened to sue me if I do not take out my blog entry. It's gonna be me versus a multinational who is a competitor or her previous company NCR (they do some atm, pos machine stuff). And I think this company has been monitoring the web probably through web crawlers (software that analyzes the web for some keywords useful to the company, sometimes gathering information related to the company or their competitor).


Sandra said...

Oh, my =O! ... My condolences u.u...
Something employers really don't get is that there are some people that get stressed really easily. They just don't understand that. They don't understand that they have to leave alone this people, let them relax. Instead, co-workers and even employers just make fun of them!...


levy said...

I'm sorry to hear that! I hope she had more time to say goodbye to her love one. So sad!

xgenesis007 said...

Thanks for the concern guys :)

My three friends who also knew what she has gone through here in Singapore are actually going back to the Philippines.

We actually extended some cash donation to at least help the family.

I hope and pray things get better for the family.

Cashmere said...

I'm sorry for your loss.. May she rest in peace.. Too much stress can really kill you. There's been a number of cases I've heard.

Eralph said...

i believe that i know this person. she is the friend of my girlfriends sister.

we havent talk much but we have seen each other more than once due to some matters.

i was also shocked when my girlfriend told me the story and i never really expected it to happen, not even a bit.

I guess life is but a mystery to us but a great blueprint to our Almighty.

May she rest the goodness of our God.