Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cebu, Queen City of the South

I really miss Cebu much ... all the Bisaya and Cebuano family, friends, and neighbors (toinks). Food that's really flavorful .... I think the question why people in Cebu or in most parts of the Philippines can't live without rice because our food are really rich in flavor. Now I know :))

Anyway, good thing our Great Almighty spared Cebu from devastating calamities. Hoping our country would start to build better infrastructure and be more responsible in all things. Hoping and praying that Cebu would prosper more and be blessed by the Child Jesus. Grateful that most Filipinos are doing the "Bayanihan" - giving a helping hand to our neighbors.

Just nothing. Sometimes, I wish my vacation leaves were really plenty and that I have super duper cash in my bank account. You know, to go back and enjoy life in my hometown, for a month ??? Hehehehe I so wish!

Christmas, New Year and Sinulog is really great. People are warm and the celebration is not just for the heck of it as it is so unpretentious, colorful and fantabulous.

Well, I have booked a round-trip ticket bound to Cebu already via SilkAir as it is cheaper than Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines. But I wanted to have like two vacations, so I will try to negotiate with my project lead. Wishing he will approve of it.

See you guys in Cebu, Philippines in the nearest future :)

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Cashmere said...

Beautiful place..
Would love to visit there someday.. :)