Saturday, October 24, 2009

What really happened here in Singapore?

I was super busy this past few days. The load of tasks in the office were really piling up and everything's hard to manage as they were tagged as critical, high priority ....

Anyway, what else to do in this expensive city? Go out and go clubbing!

My friends and I had free entrance tickets at one of Singapore's foremost club. The entrance fee would have been $35 for male and $30 for females. Expensive I must say. We went there at around 10PM and people were on a queue to get inside. Just before the dance floor was open, there was a fashion show. It was a good start. One of the designers was a Filipino and it was chic-urban themed fashion show. After the show, we decided to buy ourselves something to sip. We had vodka and baileys. Their drink was $12 per glass and it was on a buy 1 take 1. After we finished the set of four glasses, we ordered again. This time tequilla and margarita. After few hours of standing and few chit-chats, we decided to just join this people packed at the center of the dance floor. Daghan gihapon ang offbeat, as in, mas naa pay talent mga Pinoy. But, I had fun. The music was techno, house and trance all rolled up. Sometimes boring na coz the music kept on repeating. The DJ must not have any other cd, my friend thought. Anyway, I danced and jumped like a freeman because the drinks we ordered were expensive and that this night-out can happen like once in a blue moon. What an excuse, hehehehe.

It was 4AM when we decided to go home. Since Olga and I were hungry, we stopped at this cafe shoppe and I ordered congee (pospas ra gyud ni siya). After that, we went to our flat and I slept after I washed my face.

Morning came, I mean almost noon. I just had to prepare for lunch already. I ate bread and this Nesvita cereal drink. I was still hungry .... I also defrosted the chicken fillet. Once readied, I sliced it into several cubes and had it, fried in garlic, onion, and pepper and salt. I got satisfied with that simple meal and then just watched TFC. The show was fun until Manny Villar was aired in Wowowee. I had a bit of disgust on the show. People are simply being used for his end.

Anyway, I must move on and do healthier stuff and not focus on negative things. I went to the gym after I went with Jason to buy some stuff in a pharmacy.

That's it for the week. Ciao and enjoy!

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