Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Jogja, Indonesia vacation

Yes guys, I have been gone for so long because I had a vacation;)

The last entry was like I am a bit suffering of fever and flu like stuff but then that has not stopped me from going to this planned vacation.

I went there together with some of my officemates. I was still feverish actually and having this headache. I just took my medication before going to the airport.

I took the MRT and was sending some SMS to Kay and Bud if where are they. We actually met at Tanah Merah as the train going to Changi would be there after 6 minutes. I brought my jacket with me so it was not that cold. Together, we arrived at the airport on time and we waited for some of our officemates. We were not late though but boarding proved brutal LOLS. We were running as the gate for boarding was way too far and the queue was long and really went crowded, so we needed to run :)) We arrived just in the nick of time at the boarding gate and the trip jump-started.

What's up for us in Jogja is the very famous Borobudur and it's really beautiful. Go notice the pictures :)

There were Indonesian officemates and they were the ones who organized the trip. Goodness thanks to them for everything went smoothly as things were planned.

For some bit of history, Jogja was an old capital and it has a rich history as well. The Dutch actually colonized Indonesia and in world war 2, the place was in chaos.

Anyway, the people there were friendly and the buys are so cheap. Again, to be with people who speaks Bahasa Indonesia which is the national language, is a great advantage.

I was also super amazed as Indonesians looked so like Malaysians, as well as Thai and so as like Filipinos.

Their counting is similar to that of the Cebuano counting. When I went to Malaysia, their counting is similar to ours as well. Some words are the same in meaning and in context. I was so amused that I learned some of their words like cumi-cumi (read c as ch) or squid, udang or shrimp, babi as pork (babi is the same in southern philippines), ikan as fish etc.

The nice thing about this trip as posted, was we stepped on this world heritage historical site, the Borobudur. I wish I get to see Angkor Wat sometime :)

Have a nice day. Ciao!

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