Sunday, November 8, 2009

Did I say, I worship Zara?

This blog is supposedly not about fashion but yeah, I like Zara stuff. Here in Singapore, this fashion store is everywhere like mushrooms trying to grow in everyone's backyard - at least in my native land in Cebu, Philippines.

Anyway, Gemalto, which is where I work, is having this Dinner and Dance, with this concept of the 80's. I do not personally know how I should look but looking at anything 80's online is just so crazy. From the goth look, to punk, to vintage 80's, to being athletic 80's and the list goes on and on. They said the 80's was revolutionized by the idea of experimentation of self individuality and expression and it shows in the clothes during that time. I did my research and the one thing caught my attention was the chuck taylor shoes. I like it but I wanted to have it with something different. My friends and I were planning to go to JB but we did not just have time. So we went off to malls and looked for what to wear that would at least tell about the 80's. It's a bit of a disaster of you if you're one off a decade or the other way around. So it has to be planned. Since in my line of work, everyone is expected to be a bit geek or nerd or extremely of both as we are in software research and development but then I don't want to be identified as such. I don't want to blend with my crowd even if I like my crowd. So I decided to shop at Zara. It's not just Zara actually because I got my jeans at TopMan - another trendy shop. But the highlight of this dress-myself-up is my shoes:) I had an eye for that shoes when Gemalto's recreation club announced the theme for this year's celebration which will be at Shangri La. And this day, I bought a pair. I also plan to be wearing a shirt on the occasion so I also got a good bargain from the store. It's actually a bright yellow shirt, so it should do the trick.

But yeah, I like the Zara shoes I just bought, and hope this will even give a blast as to how I look on the said event. Hope things, won't turn out to be a disaster and hope all the Gemalto employees will wear the 80's style.

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Jules said...

i love zara! kaso mahal lang. but i like it :D