Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stop me!

I was not able to blog for like a week already. Well, the weekend I had was spent in Johor Bahru Malaysia, again. My passport must have been complaining of my trips there. Actually, our housemate celebrated his birthday there and we had karaoke with free food and some drinks. It was fun singing and dancing and just letting loose of yourself to the point of looking a bit crazy - sanely crazy :D

Anyway, haven't you noticed guys? I have been writing all the fun stuff I have had. I did so because I just want to remember good things. But sometimes, I still have lots of issues in life in general.... Thank God I could still resist them as compared before where everytime I had some troubles or any gush or flush or angst or something, I write them here. I actually have tons of complaints about things and stuff like that but looking at the bright side is way much better to handle things and for that it's less stressful. Things change, and I hope I only treasure more of the good experiences; but of course, not to forget the lessons in every journey be it maddeningly sad or a joyful exultation :D

Have a great night everyone and always try to find time to enjoy :)

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