Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting back on track

How I wish I had the luxury to watch the sky unfolds from the crisp morning to the radiant flourish of bright red - moments where darkness spit the day. In short I like to slack and just enjoy and be oblivious of the world.

Anyway, I have been slacking lately from going to the gym. From my regular three-times-a-week to just twice. Worse, I ate lots of calorific foodies. So I decided to go to the gym and burn them all for 15 minutes in tread mill and 5 minutes on stationary bike. Fitness First should be thankful or not? I don't know :P Well maybe next week I will be back to my regimen of getting fit.

One of the culprits is Lutong Pinoy food stall at Lucky Plaza err... I love the sinigang, mango salad, pinakbet, chopsuey, bihon guisado etc. From Buona Vista to Orchard, I had my lunch there last Tuesday and another one last Wednesday and I ate pork with vegetables. I think for this month, it's the third occasion I ate pork and to make mention, I had crispy pata at Bonifacio, a bit chic Filipino restaurant in Kret Ayer, and chicken pork adobo at Lutong Pinoy. I must do away with this unhealthy stuff - seriously. I have been successful in my get-away-with-pork meals for the past months or up to a year but lately, I'm missing my plan. Anyway, I must resist the very sinful pork - I'm not a Muslim though but I wanted to change my diet.

I think I need a switch inside my subconscious to utterly remind me of this....


Ailurophile said...

It's good to be always conscious of the need to exercise no matter what the diet. Hope all has been going well. Wishing you the best for your health! Have a good week :)

Solo said...

oo nga. ako rin. di na masyadong nakaka exercise :(

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