Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chingay: Singapore Tourism should sue Google

I don't know what seems to be the problem with Google but when I searched about Chingay 2009, the search results are not opening. Singapore tourism should sue Google for this.

I was able to open the link by typing it manually in my URL. So, how's that? Google should not worry about me opening sites which it thinks as harmful. It should just open it after at least asking the user or warning the user and let my security software installed in my laptop just deal with those security threats.

I checked some of my friends who are online right now and they are having the same issues. Not just the "Chingay 2009" keyword, but almost all of the search that one tries to do.


xgenesis007 said...

This issue happened at around 11:10 PM here in Singapore.

Cashmere said...

So did you go and watch the Chingay?

Cashmere said...

Oh hey! U have an entrecard! Cool... Now I will be able to drop on ur site everytime I'm here.. :)

xgenesis007 said...

Nope, I wasn't able to. I did not have the luxury of time:) I just watched some clips posted by my Indonesian friend in facebook / youtube.