Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sentosa Adventure and UFO Catcher at Iluma

I had so much fun yesterday. Aside from the fact that it's Olga's fabulous day, Agnes' brother arrived in Singapore which spells fun to the next level.

We had lunch first at this cozy and a bit pricey Marche but a well deserved one since the food are really gastronomically succinct.

After the food feast, we then went to tower two of Harbourfront for we were going to Sentosa via it's cable car service. We arrived there a bit fidgety already. Actually the plan was to first checkout Da Vinci's exhibit but then we were not able to make hay earlier so had it cancelled. So let's proceed.... Out first stop was at the shooting house - Desperado, aka wanting to feel like a sheriff in the cowboy days. Ofcourse, we were not using any real guns as everything was electronic. It was fun shooting some gangster displayed in this huge monitor and it was so exciting. After the shooting activity, we had to take some breaks. We then went to have that great Luge Ride and Sky ride. It was fun speeding up and another fun of watching the great view from above. We did it twice for both combo ride as it was part of the summer package we had. After steep slope ride and back, we proceeded to the Tiger Sky ride. It was that exciting but the view is really good. You get to see the Singapore skyline in a different way as the ride would rotate at this manageable slow pace while it tried to ascend. After the ride we had take another break. Our next stop was to go feeding the birds but the not-so-good in directions in me who tried to check for the location of the spot lost it. We did not have much time and since we wanted not to be late for The Songs of the Sea, we decided to take that activity instead. The Songs of the Sea would have to start at 7:45 but then we arrived at the queue area about 45 minutes earlier. Since we still had calamares, so ate it. After the waiting it, was time for us to get inside. The clock was still on 7:30. We found our seat a few rows like on the 10th row from the front show area. When the show began, it was a bit of singing so the crowd wasn't that participative. Then the Fire Lord showed up and because of Lee's voice he was back to his powerful state. He then showed his fiery magnificence. I was amazed at how the fire balls were sent up to the air. Then some other characters showed up and finally the princess. the water and laser light show is really beautiful for beginner like me. I think they should change the story line from time to time so there would be variety and so it won't be boring for second or third timers. Anyway, we need to go back to the mainland as it was about dinner time already. The walking distance is a bit uphill so we arrived a bit long. we again rode a cable car and this time it was dark, obviously. It got scarier to those who are afraid of heights and not me hehehehe.... Well, the ride was fun. After that Sentosa adventure, we went for an MRT ride going to City Hall. Our next destination was to have dinner at Makan Sutra which is just beside the Esplanade. It was Olga's treat. The food were really tasty. I even ate this big crabs in sweetened chili sauce - I'm allergic to crustaceans you know. Anyway, some of our friends arrived. We had more fun talking and updating our individual lives.

Since the title has with it UFO Catcher, my hooked housemate went to Iluma all by herself. I don't know if I got the correct spelling of Iluma, a mall at Bugis district here in Singapore. But yeah she played there all alone. I tell you guys, my friend was able to harvest most of the toys in there and she got a bunch of them. She even gave a really cute toy to Olga as a present. This adds the list of UFO Catcher centers here in Singapore that's winnable and really not rigged. I'll be playing there some other time with the rest of the UFO Catcher addicts.

Note: Photos to follow as they were still on my friends' cameras :) Ciao!


Ailurophile said...

Seems like you guys had a great time. One of my friends from med school is working there as a doc in Singapore and he is quite fond of the place. Maybe I'll ask him to share some photos from the pretty islands. Have a great week :)

xgenesis007 said...

Yeah it was a great weekend for me and my friends here in Singapore :) But if I have to choose, I would still love to go to a beautiful beach :) That's one thing missing here in Singapore ....

Believe Achieve - Hugo and Roxanne said...

Hi There!

So wonderful you had an awesome time! And some yummy food, too! :-)
Thanks for sharing the pictures. Look forward to seeing more.

Many Blessings....

Roxanne and Hugo
Believe Achieve

P.S. You're on our list of Favorite Blogs! You deserve an Award! Stop by to check it out. :-)

Cashmere said...

I agree with u... We do not have a nice beach. And I'm so envious of other countries which has them.. =|