Monday, September 7, 2009

Phuket adventure 1

I had a blast last week for almost nine days. It was like me being placed in a bottle and tossed to the oceans with all its ebbs.

Olga and I went to Phuket for a vacation. We were excited and in fact, two days before the trip I was like busy packing stuff. Anything I could think of what to bring to Phuket. I even had issues with my baggage if it was already 7 kilos.

Anyway, on the lastest Saturday of August, was our flight to Phuket via AirAsia. The flight took only 2 hours. It was not that tiring. When we got out of the airport it was drizzling a bit. It was not cold or anything but the idea of going to the beach should be sunny.

On our way to Patong, the mini cab had a stop at this center of various tours and activities in the island. Olga and I decided to get the Phi Phi Island tour for 1500 Baht. The girl named Lilly, also offered other things but we decided to get just one tour from her. When we arrived at Patong, it was in the afternoon. We did not have any lunch yetand the drizzled had stopped. We just unpacked our things at our hotel and fix ourselves for the next activity and that is to pig out. Well, we wanted fresh sea food and we were never denied of it. Our bill was a whooping 800 Baht. After that late lunch, we just walked around and decided to go back to our hotel. Since I was so tired, I actually had a nap and so with Olga. After that nap, we headed to checking out the place. We checked some shops for good buys and also roam the road nearing the beach front. Since we loved to take pictures, we had all the sorts of shots and poses.

We had to have an endless fun walk and so we took the liberty of soaking ourselves with the Bangla crowd. With which, I described as wild and crazy. It was fun taking pictures with all the chaos in a non aggressive and torturing way. I never had such chaos in Singapore so that was maybe the case. It was even fun just watching all the passersby.

We also checkout the JungCeylon mall and took some pictures of those interesting metal art of the predator. It started to rain actually so Olga and I decided to have some snacks at Starbucks. I ordered chocolate cake and Olga bought a souvenir. But mind you, the rain did not stop the crowd from having that earthly fun. It was pretty tough as it is. Well after Starbucks, we decided to go home and so we bought a cellophane raincoat for about 50 Baht a piece. The long walk going back to the hotel made my feet ached and a hot bath did all the trick.

I had so much fun in our first day.


Cashmere said...

I have never been to Phuket..
Been wanting to go there for some time but just have to pushed it away. Simply cos I'm not really a beach kinda person.. :D

But I would definitely step my foot there some day.

xgenesis007 said...

If you are not a beach person, then the party strip at Bangla is a good place to check out. If you like to take pictures and have some nature photos, then an island hopping adventure is also good to try.