Friday, December 26, 2008

From Cebu with Love

What a surprise that was in December 14 of 2008. I mean it's been like two weeks more or less but the memory still lingers and it will live on.

Since I don't want to cry or anything, I asked my father not to send me to the airport together with my brother. Instead, I asked MJ and Angel to go with me. They are I guess my most beautiful friends. I have lots of great friends who are so sweet and kind and and who truly cared for me but these two ladies are different.

Anyway, as I can still remember that day, these fab friends of mine came to our house just on time. Well, my father went with me until the corner street for the taxi together with MJ and Angel, after I have prepared everything. We got a taxi for ourselves. I told MJ that I have finished reading "The Zahir" so she can borrow it and told them that I was also done watching "The Gossip Girl". Then I realized that I forgot my laptop. We had the driver went back to it's way and I was calling my brother that I will be coming back in a minute to get my laptop. I thought everything were accounted for but not. Thanks for MJ mentioning "The Gossip Girl" series because the DVD was in my laptop and so that was it. I came back to our place running and I saw my dad with my laptop. He gave it to me and then a tap on my back. Well I can kind of cry but I did not allow my tears to even peep. I got back to the taxi and Angel was teasing me that I was going to cry but I told her not. I just took a deep breath, an unfathomable one.

We came to the airport just on time and I just checked in my luggage to SilkAir. After that, MJ and Angel and I were talking lots of things. Our lives and future lives maybe. Well both girls will be coming to Singapore next year and I will play as their host. There was a flight delay for about an hour so we just talked and talked anything and everything under the universe. It felt so relieving with them by my side. I could have wished for more time but reality was in a couple of minutes it was boarding time. When it was the boarding time, MJ and Angel gave me gifts. These were stuff toys and they were named Sark and I forgot the other one so I named him Turbo just today. They are lovely.

I'm glad God gave me these people and somehow showed me some meaning in life. I'll be waiting for you guys to come over here in Singapore and rock our world.

In the picture, its Pong the turtle, Sark the choco brown puppy and then Turbo the snow as white puppy with the red cap. Aren't they cute ?


Believe Achieve - Hugo and Roxanne said...

Hi There!

Your gifts are precious and very cute! Sounds like you have wonderful friends. Friendships certainly make life much more meaningful. Continue to hold them close to your heart, they'll remain there forever.

Many Blessings....
Roxanne and Hugo
~ Believe Achieve ~

xgenesis said...

I agree. I am treasuring them and I mean forever treasuring them.