Friday, December 19, 2008

Medical Checkup and Chinese 101

Last thursday, I had to wake up early because I need to go back to Boonlay for the medical check up. I woke up at 6AM and I was terribly sleepy. I had no choice. The room was really cold. I am not used to airconditioned rooms so that is why it felt chilly. I got up from bed and grabbed my undies and towel. I went to the shower. Good thing it was a hot and cold shower so I took the hot shower obviously and it has helped. My hotel mate was still asleep and so I had to call his name telling him that his next.

I immediately took my polo shirt and iron it. After I changed what I worn, and after my Indonesian hotel mate was read, headed at the cafe for our breakfast. The meal was as usual good. After the meal which took us 15 minutes, we went back to our room to prepare for the office.

We usually take a train / MRT at Somerset and alight at an interchage going to Bouna Vista where our office is. We arrived at Bouna Vista after approximately 3o minutes of travel, and went to ride a bus at the other side of the station going to the office. We arrived at the office around 8AM. It was really early and the office was really quiet. I was assigned to read the specifications and the technical documents of the project so it was kind of boring. I was waiting for my team lead and our manager to ask for permission regarding my second medical evaluation. I thought that my hypertension has normalized and there I was back on the old track. Anyway my team lead was not around and so when my manager arrived in our office I hurriedly went to him and asked for permission which he gladly approved. I just composed an email and sent to my team lead regarding my itinerary. I waited outside and it felt that the bus was not coming so I decided to take a cab. Too bad he did not turn on the meter and he told me that the taxi charge was 3.80 SG dollars. Anyway, I did not have any choice so I just paid him. I went to the train station knowing that I only have 30 minutes as I was scheduled for 10AM to see Dr. Ang. I needed to relax as I felt tense that I will be late. Good thing, I arrived at Boonly CeterPoint just in time. I went to the reception and the queue was already long. So it felt like forever. I waited for almost an hour just to get my turn. Well the doctor checked my blood pressure and it is now normal. She actually gave me a medicine to take. I guess I don't have any choice so I decided to take the medicine and it's going to be forever.

It was already late so I need to take my lunch. I had fish and a vegetable with rice for 3.80 SG dollars. Not that expensive compared to the meals in Orchard. The problem was I spoke to the servant in English and she would reply to me in Chinese. I did not get what she told me but I just said yes. The words which I only understood from her was when she told me about my bill. Anyway she gave me what I wanted so it did not really matter but at the back of my mind I was really confused and laughing.

Haven't I told you that I am a little stupid at directions. For example I would get lost easily as to where is my left or right or my north and south etc. Wahahaha. I'd get paranoid! Well when I got to the train again bound for Bouna Vista, I honestly dont know where to ride or which train. So I asked the train staff and the train headed for Buona Vista was just infront of me. Wahahaha. So there I took the ride and reached the office on time. I even met Olga at the bus because she also went out from the office to open a bank account at POSB. We arrived on time and we proceeded to our own cubes and I continued reading the manual / specifications which would send me to sleepy mode.

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