Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm back and I apologize for the silence

I have not been blogging for about two weeks or so and it felt a little sad. The idea of not being able to blog was also a little maddening though I can manage to go on but I think it has been part of my life. Well, I just would like to share to you the updates and what has been going on in my little world.

Dec. 2, 2008 - The last day of work in my previous employer, RenditionDigital Inc. (RDI). I was so relieved that all the turn over and related stuff went smoothly in the end.

Dec. 3, 2008 - The clearance day. I had a minor issue which was about the health card that I have to surrender to RDI. I had to call and asked my father to send the health card addressed to the company administrative office so I would be cleared. All the other departments cleared me except this one. After the clearance processing, I went home with Olga and took a few hours of rest for the "Datalex" party. I went home tipsy by some bottles of beer and a glass of vodka. Bubba Gump, the venue of the party is cool and the food was great.

Dec. 4, 2008 - The time to fly to Cebu. Prior to that, I have packed my other personal stuff and delivered it to LBC, a local air freight, to be sent to Cebu. An hour after that, RDI admin staff called me telling me that they received the health cards from Cebu but there was another problem. I have alledgedly failed to submit my company ID. It was absurd and made no sense as to why the most basic thing to do wasn't done. It was kind of rude to tell the kind lady on the other line those words and so I just pleaded that it might be just misplaced and asked her to just double check as I was totally convinced that I have surrendered all the company issued cards to her. Thankfully, after an hour she sent me an SMS and informed me that everything was fine as my card was just there on the brown envelope and everything did not have to go to a fiery battle of reasoning and other unnecessary exchange of remarks - and thank God. I went to Cebu with a huge peace of mind. I arrived in Cebu at around 8pm and due to some miscommunication, no one in the family fetched me from the airport. I was a little worried because my brother or father did not send any SMS. Well I decided to just take a cab and head home. My father was a little shocked when I arrived, as he was not expecting me to be home by then. It was all my brother's fault but then things happen and it already did so I just let it go. I had to have dinner outside with MJ and Angel at Max Restaurant.

Dec. 5, 2008 - Meet my friends. I got some cash for my Singapore trip and thanks to a special friend.

Dec. 6, 2008 - I went to money changers to have my cash converted to SG dollars. I had to meet Olga on that day to give her my initial payment of the condominium where I will be living in Singapore.

Dec. 7, 2008 - Went on a lunch date with college friends in Ayala Center.

Dec. 8, 2008 - I went to Metrobank to open an account for my father.

Dec. 9-10, 2008 - Shop at SM City Cebu for the things to use in SG.

Dec. 12, 2008 - I finished the book from Paulo Coehlo, "The Zahir". Then went to ABS-CBN in Mandaue City to claim the lost cellphone of MJ and then went to Simala in Sibonga to offer some prayers.

Dec. 13, 2008 - Went a lunch date with Darylen and Marjo - two of my dear friends. We love to eat fish tinola with lukot. Hehehehe. They actually treat me that lunch:) It was somewhat a reunion for the three of us.

Dec. 14, 2008 - The very day that I have to leave my family and friends and my homeland for Singapore. I did not want to see myself drop into tears so I ask my father to just go with me at an "eskina" or compound corner. I just told him good bye and be good and I couldn't bear leaving and if I stayed longer I may cry so I decided to just get a taxi and rode myself together with MJ and Angel to the airport. After some few minutes of talking, I realized that I forgot to bring my laptop and so we had to have the taxi head back to our place while calling my brother. As soon as we reached our compound and got out of the taxi, I saw my father running towards me carrying my laptop. He slowed down and gave the laptop and tap my back. I miss my family and friends to be honest with all of you who are currently reading this entry right now. Anyway, I got back to the taxi and off we go to the airport of Mactan. I was with MJ and Angel at the airport. I spent two hours with them talking almost anything under the universe as my flight with SilkAir was delayed. Anyway at around 4PM, it felt real that I was already leaving. I had to check-in as the plane boarding will have to begin in 15 minutes. Cebu to Singapore was a three hour plane ride and good thing it was way comfortable and enjoying with SilkAir. I don't know if I can ever ride SilkAir but my first impression was good. The delayed was a blessing in disguise for me. I arrived in Changi International Airport at around 8PM and I was a little hungry and a little lost. I only have the address of the hotel and I wasn't sure if I can make to the hotel on time. Well I took a taxi and it was a mercedes benz taxi (I never had it in the Philippines). I was hesitant to ride on it first but then the taxi charge/fare was just at a regular price so I hop on. My destination was from Changi to Orchard Grand Court Hotel. It was a smooth ride and I paid 19.45 SG dollars for the fare. I came to the hotel and went to the reception and asked for the reservation on my name which was made by the company that hired me in Singapore. At last in just minutes, the reception officer (I honestly don't know how they are called) processed everything. The girl actually greeted me with kumusta upon checking my passport and knowing I was Filipino. She even joked that she is Jericho Rosales' boyfriend. It was a warm welcome and I loved it. After that, I proceeded to my room which was at the fifth floor. I actually have a roommate from Indonesia. Good luck to some language or cultural barriers. Anyway everything went well and my roommate was also a people person.

Dec. 15, 2008 - My first day in the company. My officemate and I went to our company at Ayer Rajah Crescent and we hired a taxi as we were not familiar of the MRT system yet. After the contract signing and all that, we went to Boon Lay for the medical check-up. My first time to navigate the MRT system of Singapore which compared to the Philippines was more organized and advanced.

Dec. 16, 2008 - Orientation day and time to meet my office mates. This day was a great one and meeting people from different countries was awesome. I have office mates who came from China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, India and from the Philippines.

One of the major reason I did not blog this past few weeks because I was terribly busy, and all I could do was reserved some portions of my daily excursions inside my cranium. Friends of the blogosphere, I think those are the updates that which I felt worth sharing. Thanks for bearing with me.Thanks to Singtel hotspot and I get to blog and thanks for the time available for me to blog.


Believe Achieve - Hugo and Roxanne said...

Hi There!!
It's nice to here from you!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Friends and Family. That's great. Your experience with missing your family and not wanting to say goodbye to your father made me think of my own dad. He lives overseas in Japan. Although, a phone call or email can't replace the feeling of having our loved ones close by, it does help in bringing them closer to us. I bet your family is so proud of you and your new position. We look forward to hearing about how great Singapore is!

Many Blessings....
Roxanne ~ Believe Achieve

xgenesis007 said...

I am having a wonderful time and I am making the best out of it.

I'm planning to go on a tour maybe next week here in SG and discover
Singapore's treasures.

Cashmere said...


It's me again... Been some time since I last visit your blog. Glad to know that you have arrived here safely. Enjoy your stay and most importantly, make the most of what you have.. =)

Good luck in your new career..