Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas To Everyone

Merry Christmas to every living and non living creature on the planet. May we have more blessings, better yet, be a blessing to others!

Well I would like to fill the gaps by narrating some updates to you.

Last December 22, after work, I immediately went to Olga's cube and we went outside to eat somewhere at East Commonwealth Ave.'s food shoppes. I was in a hurry - quite a bit, because I need to pack my belongings. After Olga and I ate dinner which was around 7PM, we hurriedly went off and I proceeded to the MRT station. I needed to reach the house early. Well, I got there after 30 minutes so it was good for me. My hotel mate by the way, was not with me since he was out somewhere at Boonlay to look for his own place. Right after I arrived, I switched on the television and then began packing my things. After making sure that my personal belongings were all accounted for, I just brushed my teeth and fix my hair. I still have a few minutes, so I decided to watch was shown in Discovery Channel. It was 9PM and I decided to go ahead and leave the hotel. The bags were difficult to slide and maneuver because the whole floor was carpeted. To give you an idea, I have one big trolley bag, a smaller trolley bag and a laptop bag. All were carried by my poor shoulders and arms. I could have waited my hotel mate to ask for errand but it was late already. Getting to the elevator was a struggle but i manage to reach the first floor where the reception was stalled. I checked out officially from the hotel and asked the security attendant to get me a taxi. After a minute, the cab arrived and I got my things to the car. They were really heavy but the good thing is the hotel staff helped me so things went smooth :P. Anyway thanks to the staff and crew of Orchard Grand Court Hotel. I arrived at my new place in Ghim Moh at around 9:45PM. I was a little lost and thanks to Olga for fetching me from the entry way. Thanks also to the cab driver for helping me in unloading my luggage. Well, Olga and I just went straight to our unit at the 6th floor of the building and I had to set my things and arrange them. All of the housemates were there so I was introduced to one of them whom I have not known yet. Anyway the night ended with a hot bath and I went to bed.

Last December 24, our office hours was until 12 so everyone in the company was released earlier. Olga and I went out at around 1PM and we took the free bus service of the company going to Bouna Vista. We were invited to go to Christian's place so it was kind of exciting because we will be cooking and stuff and he told me that they have this internet connection where I can again be alive in the cyberspace. Before we went home, we bought some bread and fruit juice and some fruits. I also went to a food stall to buy food. After that, Olga and I went to our flat or unit. It was a long walk but a nice one since there was zero pollution and less heat from the sun as the pavement was covered with lots of greenery - Singapore is near to be a jungle city or a city in a forest, whichever suits you. Anyway, when we arrived at our flat, I ate and Olga watched the television. We decided to go to Christian's place at around 4 or 5PM. Olga got bored so she slept in her room while I managed to put up with the shows. I was getting sleepy, I mean just my eyes, every time the electric fan sweeps and blows the room; but, I was not able to sleep. I just watch and watch every show there was. Well Olga got up and decided to take her bath while I was still in the couch more or like a potato but wasn't mashed. Anyway after Olga, I had my turn. After that, I noticed that I have some messages on my phone and reading the lines, that the get-together at Christian's place was postponed. I replied that it was okay. Olga and I decided to go to Orchard and check the place for some events. Olga brought her pink cannon digital camera and I had my Lumix Panasonic camera. We went to Orchard and rode a 111 bus instead of going for a train. We took some pictures inside the bus and before that, we also took some pictures on the streets. Okay, we are picture freaks or maybe not? We arrived at Orchard at around 7PM. Olga was craving for KFC and in no denying the fact, I too had a craving for the hot and spicy chicken. Well, first order of business was to look for KFC in Orchard but, I needed to change my camera batteries so we went to 7Eleven at Lucky Plaza and I purchased four 2AA batteries. After that, Olga and I strolled along Orchard's pavement or rather sidewalk while taking pictures. While we were in a bus, we saw this rotating Christmas tree so we searched for that. It was at Isetan mall which was just on the opposite side of Marriot Hotel. We got there through an underpass. The drizzle was going on and I hadn't brought my umbrella and Olga's umbrella was having issues of its own. Anyway, we got to that rotating Christmas tree and took some pictures but the lighting was not good so we decided to locate where is that KFC fastfood. I saw a security officer and I asked him where is the nearest KFC. All I could understand from him was 6th floor and he said just go inside of the building while making hand gestures. Olga and I went to the mall and looked for the directory and there was no 6th floor. So tried our luck at the side exit of the building and we saw another directory but still no KFC to be found. There was a security booth at the left side of the exit door, so I asked again and he replied that it's on the 6th floor at the cinema. Olga and I just nod because that was the only English part of his answer. We went back to the main mall and looked for the sixth floor with the cinema. We found it actually but we're a little lost as to how to get there since the escalators looked weird. Anyway we managed to be at KFC after looking for it for quite a while which felt a month. We decided to have a buddy meal which has 4 fried chikens, two mini cups of mashed potatoes and 4 pieces of breaded shrimp. I would have wanted rice instead of mashed potato but they don't serve one in KFC as well as McDonalds so I had no choice. Anyway, it was a nice belly feast and it was the most expensive food I bought for myself. Usually, a meal here would cost me 3SG $ and this one chunk an amount of 6.45 SG dollars off from my limited budget. The price I pay for that craving. Hehehehehe. After we ate, we went out of the building and walk and walk again then take some pictures from here to there. I will post them later here :)

After a long and tiring walk which was by the way fun and exciting with all the drizzle and the crowd, we went to church and hear the mass. After the mass we went home and had our Christmas inside the four walls of the house. Our housemates prepared gifts for us so we opened them on that midnight.

Merry Christmas to everyone once again and I am so excited of the new year. And oh, I sent my merry Chritmas wishes to my family just after I arrived home.


Jules said...

wow. hectic schedule ah! :D merry xmas! :D

xgenesis007 said...

Medyo pero everything is good.