Friday, December 26, 2008

Internet connection with Starhub

Well my online hibernation has come to an end as we have just installed our internet connection here at Singapore. Our housemate transacted just this afternoon at starhub and we got a cable connection from starhub which was on a promo, and so we got a cable TVwith free channels and we need to subscribe to TFC so we paid for an extra. The promo also includes two phone connections with an ultimate free local phone calls. That was in a sum of 75 SG dollars a month. We are going to pay for the installation but we decided that we can manage it. So Olga and I did those installation and taaaaaahhhdaaaaaa we have a connection. I am so excited to upload my pictures right now. My connection to my friends and family would be easier from now own. Thanks to this connection things would be a lot different. Oh we will need to get a wireless router for ourselves so others can go online as well and tomorrow we will be checking DLink or Linksys or anything which is cheaper and of good quality.

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sOnix said...

get the linksys wireless router Ü