Saturday, September 19, 2009

Johor Bahru, Malaysia with Friends

I was so flat when I arrived home. I did not even notice that I have slept thus, leaving my laptop on in my bed. Good thing I did not damage it. You see my bed is of a single size that truly fits just a person (obviously in my case).

Anyway, at around 9AM yesterday, I woke up and went to the shower room immediately. My friends had to wake up sooner so I began to make some bit of noise. Actually, I was singing different songs while having my bath. After I finished the shower, my housemates woke up. Good thing they did because the time that we have to meet at Woodlands was 11 AM. Well people were in queue so it was a bit slow in progress and we a had to rush. At around 10AM, I sent a message to Kay and Olga asked me if I sent a message to her and told her nope. She clarified if the message to Kay was a broadcast and told her otherwise, so I checked my phone and there you go I sent it to Olga and not to Kay. My housemates were in hurry already as we have to meet Kay at Woodlands. It did not help much as the rain came pouring hard. When we got out of the flat, we decided to take a cab going to Buona Vista MRT station. The ride took us around 45 minutes and Kay while waiting for us at Woodlands decided to have a coffee break. When we arrived at Woodlands, I sent an mms to Kay and we met at the exit area. There was this Lutheran guy asking for donation and asked him if any amount will do, so I gave him 5 SGD. He then rounded up my friends. Anyway, some of them just pretended to be doing something else, as the guy was a bit persistent.

The five of us went to the bus terminal for Johor Bahru and we got lost a bit. This was my third time and we still got lost. Anyway we found it and then took the short trip to the end of the Singapore border. The process was just fine when entering Singapore. Since we were citizens of the ASEAN member countries, we need not have any visa at all. After the filing of immigration documents, and checking with the officer, we were in. We need to hurry to get to the bus again. After a short ride, we arrived at the Malaysian terminal and it was another round of immigration check. Everything went smoothly.

Since it was lunch time, the first order of the day was to check for Stone Grill restaurant after we had our money changed to the local currency. We looked for the restaurant in their food court and found it. Kay and I tried the New Zealand steak. Olga and Yayen had the grilled chicked while Jason had the spicy spaghetti with tuna and a vegetable salad. He's on a diet I guess. Well light flashes before we started to eat (cam whoring).... The food was fun to eat and do as we were actually grilling it in our table with this super hot stone grill. After that lunch, we decided to look around and agreed to meet at Starbucks coffee after two hours and so we set our alarms at 4PM.

I went around and found this factory outlet store and bought like 4 shirts after choosing and fitting one by one of which one was nice. I was thinking of buying another one but I had to stop myself. I walked around and found this underwear shop. I bought two renoma trunks. I walked around again and saw Olga at the bossini boutique so I called her and told her of the factory outlet store to check it for themselves as it was selling nice stuff at super low prices. Well Olga and Kay together with me went to this FOS. They had purchases and lots of them specially Olga. Actually, those buys were expensive if bought in Singapore. When we checked it was past four and we thought of meeting Jason and Yayen at Starbucks as agreed and so we hurried ourselves to get there. There was no Jason or Yayen. I don't know if we were late or they were late. The three Gemaltians decided to take a coffee break of some sort and while checking on what to order, Jason and Yayen came out. They were later than us. Hehehehe.... Since we got tired of all the roaming around the mall, we had to sit down and ordered stuff. We had an hour or chit-chat. It was fun talking about office bloopers.... When the break was over, we agreed to meet at around 7PM in that same place and off we fled and started roaming again.

Kay had wanted to buy a bag and so we went to Padini. I like their displays there but I need to control myself not to burn my cash. Somehow I did not give in to the whole lot of temptation and Kay, was able to get that nice bag for a good price. I would have wanted to buy the Lee Cooper shoes but it turned out that I was not convinced with it. So we went round and about at inner city for the Converse shop. We were a bit lost actually of where the Converse shop was. I knew it was there but I couldn't recall where exactly the store was located. After some minutes of looking, we found it. Olga had to choose with utmost scrutiny of the shoes she wanted to buy so Kay and I went out of Converse and check out the nearby shops. Olga did not have to buy any as nothing had a good fit to her liking. The three of us went around and Kay bought a dress. Olga bough also some stuff. Since it was around 7PM we need to go back to our rendezvous. We arrived there and after a few minutes Jason and Yayen were there too. We decided for dinner at this Japanese restaurant at Innercity.

We found ourselves at Nippon. I ordered Ramen with Kimchi plus Gyouza, Kay had Ramen with Kimchi, Olga had the udon, I think Yayen had an udon too but of a different type and Jason had the udon set. I'm not just sure hundred percet about the orders if I got them right. We were having some photo ops, and when our orders came, another set of cam whoring. The food was good, and I found myself really full. I think my friends had a great dinner too. We were kind of laughing as our cash ran out and we need to keep track of the prices of the ordered meals. After some fun dinner and fun talk, we decided to go back to Singapore. But since people wanted to check the Karaoke, we got up of the mall where the cinema was and checkout the Karaoke schedule and price. After that, we decided to call it a day.

It was really tiring but had a great fun with our Johor Bahru adventure. Hope to doing it anytime soon. I think I'm going to shop to Malaysia and not in Singapore.

P.S. Pictures to follow.


Panama said...

You tell a good story.. you should write a book sometime :)

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ursie said...


i might be going to jb sometime soon, so i was just wondering.. where exactly was this FOS you shopped at?

xgenesis007 said...

The mall is called the city square mall. It's the mall right after you exit the immigration of JB.