Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Phuket adventure 3

On our third day, we had to wake up early. Remember on the previous post, we went back to our hotel at around 4AM, so basically we only had like few hours of sleep as our schedule for our activity on that day is Island hopping, which would actually start early at 7:30AM. We went to the hotel dining for our very early breakfast and we were still a bit sleepy but managed to went through all that, because island hopping for one thing is really exciting. We had finished breakfast at around 7:20AM. We waited at the lobby as the tour agency van will be picking us up at 7:30. It was actually 8AM when the van arrived. It was a 30 -45 minute ride going to the pier where speed boats were docked for the day's activity. The island hopping activity master educated us about the trip, basically the "Dos and Don'ts". After the lecture, it was time to blast off with that speed boat aligned at Chalong.

It was actually a very long trip before we could reach Tonsal Bay. The very beautiful cliffs like magnificent tower rising above the emerald waters of Phuket were awesome. I was actually taken aback of the wondrous encounter. I had never seen such a thing in my beloved Philippines. We actually had a stop at this certain island and had 45 minutes to enjoy the place. After that 45 minutes, we had a chance to check out the other cliffs and slowly cruised through. On the way to Phi Phi, the tour master showed us the Viking cave. Then, we stopped at this snorkeling site but it was a bit disappointing because the corals were all dead. There were fishes swimming around you though but it just doesn't make-up for that obvious over exploitation in the area. Anyway, after some snorkeling, we went to the King Kong island were monkey's inhabit. They were a bit wild. In fact they were very territorial. The only reason they let us in to their island for a few meters from the shore it's because of the bananas we brought for them. No denying they were cute especially when one tourist gave a bottle of softdrink to one of the monkey's and it was a fun to watch the tiny creature gulp from the bottle. After spending around 20 minutes in King Kong island, we then had a another long trip going to Phi Phi island itself. We reached there after 45 minute speed boat ride and good thing when we reached there, it was a welcoming scenery, very timid yet it's silence is a beautiful kind. We actually had our lunch there and we were to stay for 1 hour. Since it was really really hot as a furnace, we need to re-apply sunblock. After the said lunch, we will have another long ride, around 1 hour and 30 minutes, more or less, to get to the next attraction which is Koh Khae Island. The waves were a bit rough but it was still okay. I have been into some great and beautiful islands in the Philippines riding in simple motor boats, and so with my friends MJ and Olga. Of course the photo session and all that cam whoring can't be stopped so everything were documented. Goodness gracious, when we arrived at the island the white sand is beautiful. We hurried at applying some sun block and after some 5 or wast it 10 minutes we went to the beach at the far right for a good snorkel. At knee deep, the fishes were plenty. The corals though were dead so sad but we were there to enjoy so we decided to have fun.... I think I am really a beach person wahahahha. We stayed there for an hour and 30 minutes and after that our tour captain called everyone for it was over and we need to head back to the Chalong port which was 30 minutes ride on speedboat. When we arrived at Chalong, we were tired and I was a bit sleepy. Our service van took us to each of our hotels and our group was the last one to get off from the van.

This was our third day in Phuket, Thailand. It was with a blast.

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