Saturday, September 12, 2009

Phuket Adventure 4

This is another entry of me and my friends vacationing in Phuket.

It was a Tuesday, and it was time for Olga to go back to Singapore. The three of us had to wake up early and get a good breakfast, still at the hotel's dining area. It seem to me though that the food was getting boring, no offense but it's almost the same every morning. Anyway, after breakfast, Olga had to go immediately to her room and get her things. She was hurrying a bit for her early morning flight. Olga left at around 8AM, I guess.

Since MJ and I had not much thing to do, we were deciding to take bus from Phuket to Bangkok. Yes, we were not over yet with our vacation and we were going to Bangkok. The plane would cost us 1900Bahts and the train plus bus ride would cost us 1000 Bahts. So what we did was, we first soaked ourselves in the hotel's pool and after that, planned to go on an excursion in Phuket town. We asked hotel staff how to get there and good thing, we got the information we needed. It was really not planned on how to go there but we were bolder to having a great and exciting tour of Thailand.

Anyway, after cooling off ourselves from the hotel's pool, we went to the bus station just 5- 10 minutes walk from our hotel. We road their bus which to me looked like a bigger version of a jeepney in the Philippines. We waited for around 10 - 15 minutes before the bus would start firing it's engine up. The bus would drive slow picking up some commuters. When we got out of Patong, the bus started to speed up. Well the fare was only 25 Bahts, so not much of a concern. Anyway, after an hour ride, we arrived at our destination, the Phuket town bus terminal. We got inside the complex and looked for this bus company that would send us to Bangkok. Hehehehe. Good thing we got a good schedule in the morning, 9:30AM, from Phuket to Bangkok due for the next day. After such an easy task, we felt we need to eat, so came looking for a food shop or restaurant and we found one just near the bus terminal. After that hot and spicy meal, we decided to check out Phuket town.

Did I or have I mentioned that most Thai people looked much of a Malay as well? So what happened is that, people would tend to converse in Thai when we go out and ask some directions, haggle for prices or even passing by stores where sales people invite us?

Going on, we had such a good time in that small excursion and Phuket town has those clothing and related stuff in Patong, priced similarly. Somehow the need to go back to Patong is calling me and MJ could not find a good money exchanger. So our next plan was to go back to our hotel and check some money exchanger. We walked to the bus terminal and good thing, a bus just passed by when we have crossed the opposite side of the rode, so we we went back to the other side. The bus was scheduled to go back to Patong and off we hopped inside the bus. But the driver had to have a stop over so we waited a bit. After 20 minutes of waiting, the bus started it's engine and same things happened, it drove slow collecting some commuters mostly children wanting or needing to go to Patong. There was a bit of a traffic jam at this main highway but nevertheless we arrived safe and sound in Patong after another hour or more. We got tired actually of all that excursion so it was a lie when I mentioned sound. Hehehehe. When we arrived at our hotel, we took a short rest, then prepared ourselves for some last night-out at Patong. When we got outside, we were greated with this beautiful sunset and so we decided to do some last minute action. The sunset was really beautiful. I have said to myself what a good life there is here. Anyway, after some sunset experience, we were refreshed but we can't deny the fact that it was getting darker and we were hungry for dinner. As usual, while walking along the beach road, we dined out at this same restaurant where I ordered the food that is fish curry with vegetable and MJ had a vegetable salad. I was a great dinner with all the cultural music and dance from Thailand. The other day, when we were there, there was this Filipino band playing, so it was also good of a sight and sound and there was variety which challenges boredom. After that dinner, we decided to walk around Bangla and same thing, fascinated with all the lights and music, and people going round and about the place. It was such light and fun experience. We need to go back to our hotel for a good bed rest as our trip for the next day is going to be really long and tiring. At around 11PM we went back to our hotel....

The next day, we had an early breakfast and after that, we checked-out from our hotel and went to the bus station. We decided to take a bus as it was way cheaper than a tuk-tuk or taxi that would cost us 400 Bahts. It was already, 7:30 when the bus decided to shoot and drive and same thing, it has to go slow to pick other commuters but when it was out of Patong, it drove faster. We arrived in the bus terminal at around 8:30 and that, there was already a bus going to Bangkok. Our schedule was on 9:30 that is an hour after but then the bus captain allowed us to ride the bus. It was another exciting moments for the two Filipinos journeying Bangkok.

The country side is really peaceful. Passengers were greeted with all the forest and mountain on the other side and beach on the other. It's really amazing to see huge mountains and visible water falls on it. Since we can over recline our chairs, most of the time we were just sleeping while listening to music in my phone. But, we did not fail to take some photos.

Bangkok, the second leg of our vacation will follow soon. Good day for now and enjoy the weekend guys!

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