Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Phuket adventure 2

August 30, 2009 was our second day in Baumanburi Hotel.

I woke up around 9AM. Since we had a free breakfast included, we need to catch that because they will only serve it until 10:30AM. To my recollection, it was Olga who rang me through the intercom and I had to go to the bathroom and wash my face. I was still a bit sleepy then. Olga went to knocking in my room and let her in as I was still preparing for breakfast as fast as I could. We went down together from the building and went to the dining area which was beside the pool . I ate a lot to regain my strength and beef up for the upcoming activity. The plan for the day is to have ATV, elephant ride etc. So after we had breakfast, we went to our rooms and prepare for the next activity. MJ my friend from Cebu was also coming to Phuket and will be my roommate. She was still in Bangkok as there was no direct flight from Cebu to Phuket. When we got out of the building heading for a good walk to checkout some activities, there was this girl on a scarf with a long hair which looked familiar and I blurted MJ and there she looked back and saw me. I then approached her and helped her in the hotel check-in counter and then we went back to our room. Since she did have breakfast and it was still 10AM, I advised her to get a good breakfast and after that, I told her that we are going to check for some tours and that she can get a few hours of nap.

Olga and I went straight to the beach front as there were lots of stalls lined up the street offering tour packages. We stopped by at this stall and asked for the tour price. We got a good price for the ATV, elephant ride and monkey show for 3100 Baht which was good for three persons. I'm not really sure if it was a good deal but when we converted the whole thing in SGD, it was way less expensive than doing those activities in Bintan, Indonesia, an island just 30 minutes ride from Singapore. Well, we agreed to be picked up at our hotel lobby at around 2PM. Since it was still around 11PM, Olga and I checked the beach front and had some photo ops aka cam whoring lols.... When it was around 12 noon, we went back to Baumanburi. MJ was actually taking a hot bath so she was not able to open the door when I knocked it a few times. So I went to Olga's place and gave MJ a ring on the intercom. Then I came to my room and knocked again and at last it was opened. She was half finished with her hot bath. I told her of the itineraries. I rang Olga when things were ready. We went to the stall where we planned to book the day's activity. Since it was lunch time, we went to Burger King. After the meal, we had some photo sessions along with it on the street. We then went back to our hotel as we would be picked up there by a private car. When the clock strucked 2PM, a metallic silver toyota arrived and it was our service for the adventure trip. We rode for like 20 minutes and we stopped at this mountain top and we had this great view of Phuket and so it spelled another photo session. After that, our driver took us to the elephant ride activity. I was so excited because there's really no elephant in my dear Philippines and it's my very first time to see and ride one. We were not failed by our expectations. I had great ride. It was really wobbly but I braved to ride atop of it like being the actual driver. I could feel the warmth and the pricking fur of this gentle giant on land. It was so amazing and a great experience. I definitely would want to try it again and next time by the river banks. The adventure that we had with the elephant was on the mountains. After the ride, we had some feeding sessions with the elephant which costed 50Bahts per basket. After the elephant ride, there was a monkey show. It was also fun when the monkeys did there various tricks like unleashing me when I volunteered to be tied up, when the monkey did a push up and bent knee curl up, when it did cycle a mini bike and when it did some coconut harvesting. After the show, we had the ATV. It was Olga's prior request as she had fun with it in Bintan. Well after the ride, it was truly fun as we had a chance to do it in an actual paved road and also in this rugged terrain in the mountain side where a cliff hangs and in the horizon was a great view of the see South China sea. After the activity, the driver toured us around and he brought us to this food and pasty house and then to this jewelery complex where Olga bought a nice ring for her mom. After all the day's activity, we went bank to our hotel and took some naps ready for then nights activity.

At around 9pm, we got up and prepared for dinner. We walked to the beach front and had dinner at this cozy restaurant which I forgot the name. After that dinner, we proceeded to the party strip that is Bangla. As expected the crowd was wild and after a very long stroll and sight seeing, we settled at this mini pub and boozed. We went back to our hotel very late in the morning like around 4AM of Monday.

It was another blast at our 2nd day in Phuket.


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