Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'll be watching Twilight with friends

My friends and I are watching, "Twilight". It is based on a novel by Stephenie Meyer.
I don't have the books yet but I already have the PDF copies of the novels. OMG, the list of books and e-books to read that I have, is already mile-long! But, I will find time to read them, that's for sure. Though I am not expecting this movie to be great, but I hope it can give justice to what Ms. Meyer has written.

Is this going to be just-another-vampire-movie? I don't know! But the movies' trailer looks nice and I am excited to watch the full length show.

By the way, we will be watching the movie at Glorieta and we have reserved the tickets online through Too bad, we did not decide sooner, so we got the 11PM screening time which is the last show, but it hasn't changed the fact that I am eager to watch this movie with my friends. I was actually the one who convinced them to watch. Honestly, I am hoping that it will be really nice and the story is a must-be-good-one so I won't be tortured by my friends and be fed to the lions.

Got to eat dinner, ciao!


Sara said...

I'm going to see twilight tonight too!

xgenesis007 said...

It wasn't that superb but I must admit I like the movie. I am excited to read the novels already of Ms. Stephenie Meyer

Believe Achieve - Hugo and Roxanne said...

We're glad to hear you liked the movie!! We're sure you had plenty of fun with your friends, too. Hope you're having a fantastic week.

Many Blessings....
Hugo and Roxanne
~ Believe Achieve ~

Justkyut said...

Well, I have watched the movie and they did not put justice to the novel. Because they left so many entries on the novel. What I only liked on the movie is the cinematography. They cut the story short on the movie just went to the point. If you did not yet read the novel, you'll find the movie amazing but if you read the novel before watching the movie, you'll be disappointed.

Liane said...

The movie was so great! I haven't read the novel and many people are saying stuff and comparing the too. So right now I'm off downloading the pdf of the four books.

Pilipino ka rin right? :)
If you want to download the books from twilight to breaking dawn,
here's the link:

nakita ko sya dun sa
If I had the chance, of course bibilihin ko yung books for collection's sake.

Love the movie!

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catherine said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Believe Achieve - Hugo and Roxanne said...

Just stopping by to say HELLO and to let you know you've been TAGGED!! Haven't heard your thoughts in awhile and would love to hear a few random facts about you! :-) Hope you're having a wonderful Holiday season. Many blessings to you and yours!!

Roxanne and Hugo
~ Believe Achieve ~

xgenesis007 said...

Hear Yeah! I am back to civilization :) Quite a huge topsy turvy ride I have these past few weeks but everything is great :) Thanks guys for dropping by.

Cashmere said...

I like the movie... haven't read the novel yet.. Made a lil' review on the movie on my blog. I was actually expecting sth else from the! ;P

xgenesis007 said...

Well the movie is really hot and if the characters were not that good looking will it have the same likable factor ? This was asked by a friend of mine. I enjoyed the movie but when she asked me about this, I was thinking that it won't have the same appeal.

Anyway, to be fair with the novel and the author, it's a bestseller and we can't really deny the fact that when it's made into a movie, not everything will be captured in detail. Just like Eragon, the movie was not that good but when I read the three books of Paulini, I find it fun and interesting. My imagination was sent far beyond the logical state.