Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dumpling Noodles and Saturday Clean up

It's Saturday and it's time to chill, but not really.

I woke up 11AM so late that it was good for lunch. There was no food or anything and the fish meat was still frozen. I took it out from the freezer and just left it on a basin with water. I could not contain my hunger so I went to the nearest hawker and bought dumpling noodles. It's rather cheap lunch for 3SGD unlike what I had on Friday's dinner where I had to shell out 23 SGD when we dined out at Fish and Co. Anyway I am liking dumpling noodles so much that every Saturday if I find it so tiring to prepare food, I would go this hawker food stall and order only dumpling noodle. Well I will sometime take a picture of this food. It's not that special or anything but I think it's really tasty. I went to 711 convenience store after that and bought carrot juice. I had my lunch at around 12.

My flatmates and I were actually scheduled to go to our new flat to clean and arrange furnitures. So after an hour from lunch, we went ahead. We arrived just in time because after a few minutes, exactly we were at our unit, it rained so hard with all the heavy acoustics in the sky. The smell of the rain was a bit nostalgic. Hehehehe. I just missed my childhood where I got to bathe in the rain and ran around.

Going to the cleanliness campaign, we wiped the glass windows, the railings, the floor, move the beds around, the cabinets and whole lot of cleaning. The toughest was the floor and we only invaded a tiny space. We are coming back this evening to actually bring in some of our things and probably do some cleaning. We were tired after that I guess. The agent of our previous flat actually wanted to see the unit for her new clients so Razel had to pack up. Just around quarter to 4 we set off. Razel went ahead to meet the agent and the rest of us went to Fair Price supermarket to buy some drinks and some cleaning agent.

I had to go to a pharmacy to buy medicines so I went to Guardian just few hundred meters away and the two girls, Analyn and Olga went to our flat at Ghim Moh.

I arrived in the pharmacy on time and went straight to the medicine section and asked the pharmacist about the medicines. She then told me that I had to have a doctor's prescription. I did not have that so she did not sell to me the medicines. I had no choice then but to go to Boonlay for my doctor's prescriptions. So, I just decided to go home first then just proceed to Boonlay after I have cleaned up myself.

It was really far going back to Ghim Moh on foot. I arrived after an hour of walking, lolz just kidding. Anyway my feet were not protesting though but it was really far. I just washed my face and changed clothes then went to Boonlay the soonest I could.

Boonlay is 25 minutes away from Buona Vista and I arrived there at around 6PM. From the train station at Boonlay, the clinic is around 8 - 10 minutes walk. I arrived there rather fast as my walking was really brisk because I did not call them and check their service hours. Anyway, I just explained to the receptionist that I needed the medicines and stuff. She advised me to sit or rather wait. She was right, I had to wait. I had to wait for 20 minutes before I got my medicines. She then told me that I needed to see the doctor next month and she gave me my medicines good for a month. There's nothing I can do because of their strict rules. Pharmacies won't sell the medicines if you do not have any prescriptions.

Before I decided to go home, I checked the mall for any perfumes. My stock is getting emptied so I needed a new one. I checked Body Shop but they were very expensive at 49SGD. So I checked Little John's shop. I saw this esprit perfume and tried the tester. It smelled good and it was priced at 10SGD. Actually if you buy it in a glass container, it's overly priced at 40 SGD but when it's contained in a plastic bottle, it's very cheap. So I did not have to second guess. I bought it and went out of the store and just decided that it's already late. This time my stomach is really screaming. I arrived home at around 8PM and just eat dinner as I was really hungry as a beast.

After dinner, we had to prepare one more time as we were going back to our new flat to bring in our stuff, so tomorrow's transfer won't be that much difficult. We went there by taxi and it was a blooper for me. I went to the driver's seat and the driver thought that I will ambush him and that I was a terrorist. Ofcourse it was a joke but I was really telling him sorry and that it was an honest mistake. Well, when I got inside the taxi, I just told him that in the Philippines, cars are driven at the the left hand side. He is a rather friendly driver as he was like joking about Philippine politics. I did not have to argue or what I just laughed about it. And Razel who was with me was also laughing at his jokes. I did not took him seriously as he was just trying to build some rapport. Another blooper because he was actually thinking that we were going to Woodlands. Good thing he said he did not know where we were going and so I guided him where to turn. When we arrived near Holland Drive, I told him to turn right and he said no. I told him that we were going to Holland Drive and he said he thought or rather heard it was Woodlands so we laughed. It was a short taxi ride. We paid him 4.40SGD. My flatmates owe me some cash wahahha as I was paying all the taxi rides. Anyway, I won't be forgetting about it by the simple reason that I have blogged it, lolz. Good thing the driver was so kind and he helped us unload our heavy bags. After a few minutes, our other flatmates arrived. We went together to our unit. I brought with me the air freshener I bought awhile ago so I sprayed our room and our cabinets as well as our common furniture. I just unpacked my things to my future bed. My other mates were also cleaning their respective niches. After that, we went home on foot. It's another on-foot trip. Should I change the title?


Cashmere said...

Hey! I know it's out of context but just so you know, the IT Show is on 12th March - 15th March 2009. You might wanna check it out.. ;)

xgenesis007 said...

Yeah Cashmere, my friends and I are planning go checkout the fair :D