Thursday, March 19, 2009

I met Mr. Inferno

Well, well, well, who would have thought I will have my chance of his outrages.

It was kind of awkward actually and I did not like the scene. It was time for lunch and he was kind of pissed already about the bug and he was pointing out something. I guess he needs to mellow a bit. I was getting hungry actually and I kind of deciding to join the team lunch or not. Anyway, it was an agreed team lunch of some sort. I don't know what he had in mind that he had to do that to everyone and at that in public.

We had our lunch somewhere a bit far. A little thanks that it wasn't that hot but you could still feel the rays of the sun pinching your cheeks. As usual, if it's fusionopolis, I would always check out the Japanese food and there I got salmon teriyaki. Everyone was a little silent and I myself was drawn to the food that I was eating. After I finished my food, I stood up to cool my throat with rock melon juice. I went back to my place and everyone was like talking anything. Then suddenly another rampage of his wits. He began asking a mate who was right beside him. There was a confusion. The things got cleared when our TL came and explained things. Then came to me. I was on the spotlight. He was interrogating me and it felt like I was in a crime scene investigation. Naturally I would reason out and I can outwit if I choose to. It's just that I chose to be more calm and still had that respect. If given a chance to say my side, I would have told him that I did not know if it was my job to tell a person of a higher rank that this task is going nowhere and that it has to be escalated. I just felt that I was not the right person to decide on that part. I have actually given them hints about the situation. I have actually told my PL about the situation yesterday that I am lost. I was actually about to tell him that this thing is going nowhere. I even told him that the problem is on this and that I don't have the knowledge to resolve as I don't have the expertise and I have asked the person who gave the task and she knows nothing. So I blurted the words I am lost. Anyway, I am a little frustrated with the fact that the project was turned over and gladly accepted aka documented as Acceptance Test even if it has lots of issues and they are major issues. Have I known it earlier, then I or the one who gave the task in SG would have also decided not to continue with it. The document which I don't understand as they were in French arrived in my mail were a bit too late. I should have asked those documents early on. Anyway, it was a mistake on my part for trusting people so much. But it would be too rude as well to not trust them. The document actually went round on to those big guys - I mean technical and product managers. The contact that I have in France told me that she will have someone to translate it for me and it was good as I won't be doing the translation myself. And the BB got furious because he was thinking that I had asked someone from SG to translate it for me. He asked why? He even asked why can't I do it? At the back of my mind I said that because I am not French and I don't know French that's why I can't translate it. But I chose to say that he has a translator??? With a question mark sound at the end of my words. All along he was thinking that I had someone from SG translating the text for me. Which I then cleared that its not this person its this person. So he kept quiet. He then emphasized that emails as source of evils and stuff and that I should call the person who I want to get results from. I don't want to argue and so I agreed. It can actually make sense but not totally right. Anyway I just felt a little disappointed at how he questioned me about those things in public as in super public plus this huge voice. I just thought that the only mistake that happened there is that they accepted the finished project AKA during Acceptance Test even if it was clearly stated in their documentation that these and that don't work. How can something work when in the first place it's not working? The mistake that I have was asking those documents at the last minute, last Tuesday. Who would have thought that nobody checked these documents before they gave or assign it to me. It's a lesson to be learned.

But at the end of the day, I still am happy about how I have improved personally. Actually, if someone tells me things that are not right or are baseless I would actually also tell or explain up-front. When I was in high school, I would normally tell someone in a class who explains things erroneously and explain how it should be done. Anyway, I don't want to resurrect what has long been lying in catacombs, that was like ages ago when I felt it was me and the world that existed. I have grown up and I feel that I have to choose and decide also better.


Summer said...

Great post friend..very well said..;D
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xgenesis007 said...

Thanks :D
You too have a great weekend.