Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am busy but not really.

I have been quite a busy bee for the past few days. This morning, I arrived in the office at around 9:59AM. I directly started what I have to do which was to install programs on the high tech cards that we have. The one we used in contactless transactions similar to that of the EZLink card here in Singapore. After trying things out and calling someone from the office who has an idea of how to do it, still there were failures in the installation. I was actually trying my best to find ways on getting the tasks done but there are so many things that I can't control. And instead of trying to bring the world upside down, I just relaxed ?

Well after lunch I was still trying out somethings. At around 2:30PM, I had nothing to do. In short, I am in severe stagnation. Most of the questions and clarifications that I have can only be answered by the people in France which for heaven's sake is in a different time zone. The thing is, I have been lectured by my manager about emails that it's the source of all evil or something. So I have learned. The France counterparts are usually starting to work at 5PM here in Singapore. So when I noticed that my contact is online already, I summarized what I had been doing and formulated questions and clarifications. After that, I tried calling my contact but I am always put into this answering machine - a leave a message automation. So all, I could do obviously is just leave a message. Since that contact appeared online, I also left a message there. Hopefully I will get answers the next morning.

Anyway, my team lead approached me and asked me some updates. I narrated to him all the the things that I have been doing. Then the million dollar question was popped, "What are you doing right now?". Then I replied, "nothing". Actually, I was just reading some Java stuff totally not related to the C++ and VB languages I am using in this project. He was not specific so that was my answer. I could have told him that I am reading this and that but totally unrelated to my current task. Well, I just needed a breather from a bit of pressure to have an output on this project. But let me continue. He then said that he needs to know if I am doing nothing because he will be assigning me other tasks from different projects. So I told him that if my contact from France won't reply this day, then I will have nothing to do as I am stuck. So I said that tomorrow it's okay to have a new set of tasks.

The long hours of waiting was like making me so damn weak. I wish time would go offshoot like a comet. I was so in a hurry that when the clock struck at exactly 6:55PM, I packed my stuff and went out of the office. I then went to Guess at Takashimaya to get my new pair of denim.

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